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Elmén, Bengt.  1987.  15 års erfarenhet med personlig assistans och några erfarenheter med peer counselling. Stiletten, nr. 2, 1987.
Internet publication URL: (In Swedish.)
Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific, United Nations.  2000.  2000 ESCAP HRD Award, Theme: HRD for the Empowerment of People with Disabilities.
The United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) established the ESCAP HRD Award in 1990 which is presented annually in recognition of exemplary work in the field of human resources development (HRD). The theme of the award for the year 2000 was “Empowerment of People with Disabilities.” This brochure presents a history of the award as well as eligibility requirements and application procedures. Internet publication URL:
Independent Living Institute.  2008.  25 år Independent Living - Dokumentation.
Ervin, Michael.  1986.  The 25 Day Siege That Brought Us 504.
On April 5, 1977, thousands of disabled people in cities all over America converged on their regional offices of the Department of Health, Education and Welfare. They wanted implementation of regulations that would add significant impact to Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Michael Ervin presents the reflections of three people who were involved in the actions the author deems to be the most significant event in the history of the disability rights movement. Internet publication URL:
Independent Living Institute.  2008.  25 years of Independent Living in Sweden (2008) - Documentation.
Egan, David.  2010.  2GoDirect - The experience of two people using a direct payment to employ a Personal Assistant. Center for Independent Living Carmichael House, Dublin, Ireland. PDF icon 2GoDirect.pdf (2.3 MB)
Breisky, Karen.  1999.  The ABCs of hiring PCAs.
Personal care attendant work pays little, and much of the work is menial - so the search for caring, competent, reliable people is arduous. Karen Breisky refers to her own experiences in offering tips for hiring assistants. Internet publication URL:
CIB (International Council for Building Research).  1993.  About CIB, and Contents of Documents.
This document presents the objectives, membership parameters, and activities of CIB, which stands for an abbreviation of the French title of the International Council for Building Research, Studies and Documentation, as well as links to proceedings from the six international CIB seminars. Internet publication URL:
Disability Awareness in Action (DAA).  1996.  About Disability Awareness in Action.
Disability Awareness in Action (DAA) is an international public education campaign to promote, support and coordinate national action to further the objectives of the United Nations Decade of Disabled Persons (1983-1992) and the World Programme of Action Concerning Disabled Persons (WPA). DAA is a partnership between the following organizations: Disabled Peoples' International (DPI), IMPACT, International League of Societies of Persons with Mental Handicap (ILSMH), Rehabilitation International (RI), and World Federation of the Deaf (WFD). Internet publication URL:
Wehrli, Peter.  1999.  About the Center of Independent Living Zürich.
Switzerland does not yet know the concept of personal assistance and provides almost no financial means to live outside institutions. The Swiss IL movement has an uphill battle. Internet publication URL:
Philippen, D P.  1991.  Access legislation.
Internet publication URL:
Tsai, Joseph Y B.  1992.  Access legislation and barrier-free environments in Taiwan.
Internet publication URL:
Masutha, Michael.  1992.  Access legislation and enforcement mechanisms.
Internet publication URL:  
Maxa, Miloslav.  1991.  Access legislation in the Czech Republic.
Internet publication URL:  
Dr. Adolf Ratzka.  2018.  Access to Justice.
Open mic event on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities ”Human Rights: a reality for all persons with disabilities?” European United Left/Nordic Green Left European Parliamentary Group European Parliament, Brussels October 17, 2018
Fern, Robert.  1991.  Access to services and facilities in the Canadian Parks Service.
Robert Fern of The Canadian Parks Service (CPS) in his presentation at the CIB Seminar in Budapest, 1991, describes the Canadian Parks Service's implementation of accessibility measures for disabled persons in the Canadian National Parks. The CPS Strategy and Action Plan emphasizes the need for persons who have hearing, visual and mobility impairments to have equal and, where possible, integrated access to park and site themes, recreational opportunities and essential services. Internet publication URL:
Corcoran, Maurice.  2000.  Accessibility for All: The Australian Experience.
Maurice Corcoran’s article is an example and encouragement for the movement for Buses For All in other countries. In it, he traces the history leading up to the milestone decision of October 12, 2000 by the Australian Federal Cabinet, requiring all intra-city buses to be of low-floor type using boarding aids for wheelchair users in the form of ramps. Internet publication URL:
Cohen, Neville.  1992.  Accessibility in South Africa.
Neville Cohen, of Chairman Industries in South Africa, notes in his paper that access and disability are broad terms, and that three steps should be taken prior to applying for legislation: to define requirements, to select a knowledgeable task force, and to locate influential advocates in the community. A history of building regulations in South Africa is given, followed by questions and answers concerning accessibility and national and cultural differences. Internet publication URL:
Christophersen, Jon.  1991.  Accessibility legislation - 1991.
Jon Christophersen, of the Building Research Institute in Norway, describes accessibility legislation, implementation, incentives for implementation and problems encountered in Norway. Two studies were carried out, one concerning access legislation in the building regulations and the other concerning life-span dwelling criteria. The results showed that accessibility in Norway could be improved through better workmanship and better control on site, improved legislation, and changing building practice. Internet publication URL:
Novikov, Yuri.  1991.  Accessibility legislation in Byelorussia and the Byelorussian Society of the Disabled.
Internet publication URL:  
Chizima, Febby.  1992.  Accessibility legislation in Zambia.
Febby Chizima, of ZAFOD in Lusaka, Zambia, outlines the lack of accessibility in Zambia in public buildings, housing, and street environments. The need for awareness and legislation in these areas is also discussed. Internet publication URL:
Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission, Australia.  2000.  Accessibility of electronic commerce and new service and information technologies for older Australians and people with a disability - Report of the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission on a reference from the Attorney-General.
Submissions and research have confirmed and added to the Commission’s initial understanding that digital technologies offer great potential in providing more effective and economical access to government and business information and services, and improved prospects for equal opportunity in many areas of life including education, for all Australians including older people and people with a disability. Work for this report has confirmed to the Commission that physical barriers, affordability and equipment access barriers, and attitudinal and awareness barriers are preventing some Australians with a disability and some older Australians from having equally effective access to e-commerce and other services using new technologies. Internet publication URL:
Abdou, Safaa Issa M.  1992.  Accessible, adaptable low-cost housing in Egypt.
In: "Report of the Fifth International Expert Seminar on Building Non-Handicapping Environments: Access Legislation and Design Solutions, Harare, Zimbabwe, January 16-18, 1992." Internet publication URL: In Internet publication URL:
Dr. Adolf Ratzka.  2015.  Accessible cities consist of barrier-free housing.
In this presentation Dr. Adolf Ratzka emphasizes that city and housing planners still do not pay sufficient attention to barrier-free housing for people with disabilities and proposes the goal of general accessibility in the housing stock, in both new construction an renovation. Drawing on Swedish experience he claims that general residential accessibility would also imply savings to society in the form of lower costs due to fewer residential accidents particularly in the older population.
Dunn, Peter A.  1991.  Accessible housing legislation and policies: A framework for future policy development.
This paper focuses on the range of policy and legislative issues which need to be tackled in order for countries to promote a barrier-free housing environment, while looking at housing rights and civil rights of people with disabilities. Internet publication URL:
Kafka, Bob.  1999.  Act calls for care choice.
Bob Kafka outlines the Medicaid Community Attendant Services Act, MiCASA. The bill would allow individuals the choice to use their entitlements for community-based services (personal assistance services). Internet publication URL:
Swedish Parliament.  1993.  Act concerning Support and Service for Persons with Certain Functional Impairments.
Internet publication URL:
Catholic Relief Services (CRS) Bosnia-Herzegovina,.  2002.  Activist Handbook.
Internet publication URLs: and (526 KB).
PDF icon crs-activist-handbook.pdf (525.99 KB)
Kurylowicz, Ewa.  1991.  Adaptation of a theatre in Krakow, Poland.
In May 1991, the 19th century Slowackiego Theatre in Krakow, Poland was scheduled to host the International Conference on Security and Cooperation. This paper discusses adaptations made to parts of the building so that the needs and interests of people with disabilities could better be served. Internet publication URL:
Mates, Barbara T.  2000.  Adaptive Technology for the Internet: Making Electronic Resources Accessible to All - The Online Version.
American Library Association. ISBN 0-8389-0752-0. Internet publication URL:
Dr. Adolf Ratzka.  2009.  Adolf D. Ratzka, PhD, Interviews and Profiles.
Dr. Adolf Ratzka.  2017.  Adolf Ratzka awarded ULOBAs 2017 Pride Award.
Malinga, Joshua T.  2003.  The African View of Independent Living.
Joshua T. Malinga, Secretary General, Pan African Federation of the Disabled (PAFOD), and Past World Chairperson, Disabled Peoples' International (DPI) gives an overview of Indepedent Living in Africa. He concludes that, "Independent Living in Africa is basically in theory form and is still in its rudimental stages due to a number of factors." Internet publication URL: In the forthcoming English version of: Alonso, J. Vidal Garcia. 2003. "El Movimiento de Vida Independiente, Experiencias Internacionales." ("The Independent Living Movement: International Experiences.") Internet publication URL: (In Spanish).
ILRU.  1992.  An American definition of Independent Living.
Golden, Marilyn.  1991.  The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990: An activist's perspective.
In her presentation, Marilyn Golden of the Disability Rights and Education Defense Fund, U.S.A., talks about the series of laws against discrimination that the disability movement in the US has achieved, their limitations, and how they are enforced. An account is given of the extensive grass-roots activities and coalition building which took place prior to the enactment of the ADA of 1990. Internet publication URL:
United States of America.  1990.  Americans With Disabilities Act PUBLIC LAW 101-336 JULY 26, 1990 104 STAT. 327.
The ADA gives civil rights protections to individuals with disabilities that are like those provided to individuals on the basis of race, sex, national origin, and religion. Internet publication URLs:, and
Ciobanu, Claudia.  2010.  Amid budget cuts, hundreds of Romanian children have lost their homes this year because their foster parents can no longer afford their upkeep.
Dr. Adolf Ratzka.  2003.  Angående Färdtjänstförvaltningens svar på min anmälan om diskriminering - Anmälan hos Handikappombudsmannen.".
Ärende Dnr 2003/990. Internet publication URLs: och (6 KB). (In Swedish.)
Miles, M.  1982.  Anledningen till varför Asien avvisar råd gällande funktionsnedsättning från väst.
Internet publication URL:
Dr. Adolf Ratzka.  2017.  Ansökan om stöd ur Allmänna arvsfonden till projektet Disabled Refugees Welcome.
 Ansökan till Arvsfonden, inskickad juli 2016. Det finns mindre revideringar och kompletteringar som gjordes senare. Vi har inte översatt denna till engelska än (There is currently no english translation). 
Nee, Pauline.  1991.  Anti-discrimination legislation as a basis for barrier-free design: How could the Americans with Disabilities Act be adapted for the U.K.?
Internet publication URL:  
Dr. Adolf Ratzka.  2017.  Application for funding granted by the Swedish Inheritance Fund for the project Disabled Refugees Welcome.
This is a translated version of the application submitted in July 2016. There were minor revisions and additions made later missing from this document.
Stiletten.  1987.  Är självbestämmande privatisering? Svar till Aftonbladet
Från Stiletten, Nr. 3 1987. Internet publication URL: (In Swedish.)  
Independent Living Institute.  2004.  Assistansbrukares situation i Slovakien.
Lyssna-RealAudio (29:58 minuter, download-RealAudio, 9,89 MB). Programmet i text. Intervjuer med: Anton Benca, Lydia Brichtova, Ivana Camajova, Andrea Madunová och Milan Popovic. Internet publication URLs:,, och
Freak Radio.  2004.  Assistansbrukares situation i Wien.
Lyssna-RealAudio (28:40 minuter, download-RealAudio, 9,46 MB). Programmet i text. Innslag av: Katharina Zabransky, Gerhard Wagner, Irmgard Kampas, Bernhard Hruska; redaktion: Gerhard Wagner. Medverkande: Bernadette Feuerstein, Martin Kopper, Gerda Ressl, Manuela Ressl, Peter Singer. Internet publication URLs:,, och
Anderberg, Peter.  2007.  Assistansutredningens delbetänkande - Hårdare tag mot användare av assistans"!.
Internet publikation URL: (In Swedish.)
Ericsson, Patricia, Ericsson Kent.  1995.  Att äga sin bostad.
Fyra män med begåvningshandikapp köpt sin egen bostad och där deras stöd förmedlas av personliga assistenter. (In Swedish.) Internet publication URL: (In Swedish.)
Friborg, Charlotta.  1999.  Att bestämma över vardagen - intervju av Adolf Ratzka.
I en intervju på DN:s Ledarsida efterlyser Adolf Ratzka en handikappolitik som bygger på egenmaktsperspektivet, en politik som inte tar ifrån människor deras självrespekt. Internet publication URL: (In Swedish.)
Finkelstein, Vic.  1975.  Att förneka eller acceptera funktionshinder.
Internet publication URL: (In Swedish.)
Berg, Susanne, Jahanmahan Farhad.  2004.  ”Att göra väl eller välgörenhetsskrammel”. 2004-04, är ett radioprogram om insamlingars vara eller inte vara. Vem gagnar de egentligen?
1997 startar insamlingarna till kronprinsessan Viktorias fond. De donerade pengarna ska gå till att ge funktionshindrade en meningsfull fritid. Fonden blir droppen som får bägaren att rinna över för Förbundet Unga Rörelsehindrade och något år senare startar de själva Stackars Viktoria-fonden i ett motdrag. Välgörenhet är av ondo anser de. Men inom handikapprörelsen finns också andra åsikter. Lyssna-MP3 (27 minuter, 25,3 MB). Programmet i text. Deltagare: Jonas Franksson, Agneta Mbyamba, Veronica Svensk. Internet publication URLs: och
Rudlof, Peter.  2005.  Att leva ett självbestämt liv – berättelsen om en ung funktionshindrad man i Österrike.
Att leva ett självbestämt liv - berättelsen om en ung funktionshindrad man i Österrike. Lyssna-MP3-svensk (30:56 minuter, 29 MB), Lyssna-MP3-deutsch (28:49 minuter, 27 MB). Internet publication URLs:,,,,
Westberg, Kenneth.  2010.  Attitudes to people with disabilities are negative in Russia - Interview with Sergey Kiselev, Chairman of Apparel.
Dr. Adolf Ratzka.  1988.  Aufstand der Betreuten - Selbstrespekt als Richtschnur.
Internet publication URL: (in German.)
Eilenberg, Ian M.  1991.  Australia takes tentative steps to take up the challenge of persons with disabilities.
This report by Ian M. Eilenberg, Victorian University of Technology, RMIT, Australia describes legislative steps taken in Australia to improve building regulations in order to promote accessibility and a "non-handicapping" environment. Internet publication URL:
Brozek, Dorothea.  2004.  The Austrian Long-term Care Insurance.
Document for the ECEPA Project. Internet publication URL:
Grafström, Herman.  2023.  Avskaffade institutioner på agendan.
Stone, Karen.  1998.  Awakening to Disability - Nothing About Us Without Us.
Book review from Ability Network magazine. Internet publication URL:
Dr., Ratzka Adolf;.  2022.  Ayuda para vivir antes que para morir.
Mason, Philip.  1998.  Back To Basics - Hampshire Center for Independent Living's Expert Seminar on Independent Living.
Back To Basics: Philip Mason's keynote speech at the expert seminar organized by the Hampshire CIL in Southampton, May 30 -31, 1998.
Dr., Ratzka Adolf;.  2013.  "Back to Our Roots" Adolf Ratzka Plenary Presentation ENIL Strasbourg Freedom Drive September 6 2013.
Crescendo, Johnny.  1993.  The Ballad of Josie Evans.
An eloquent, heart-wrenching story of a woman who is abandoned by her government and everyone else to a solitary, but dignified, life and death in a nursing home. Internet publication URL:
Maxa, Miloslav.  1991.  Barriers in the built environment: The problems of barrier removal in the Czech Republic.
Internet publication URL:  
Light, Richard.  2000.  Beijing Declaration on Disabled Persons in the New Millennium.
This editorial by Richard Light, Research & Publications Director of Disability Awareness in Action first presents the content of a resolution taken at the World NGO Summit on Disability in Beijing regarding an international convention on the rights of all disabled people. He then goes on to decry the number of expert conferences, special programmes and political initiatives that have failed to yield real progress with regard to action on discrimination against people with disabilities. Internet publication URL:
Trägårdh, Lars.  1999.  Bemäktiga individerna - Om domstolarna, lagen och de individuella rättigheterna i Sverige.
Internet publication URL: (In Swedish.)
Tillander, Erik.  2012.  Benefit fraud in relation to personal assistance in Sweden.
Westberg, Kenneth.  2011.  Bente Skansgård, ULOBA, Norway: “Municipal procurement threatens assistance users’ self-determination”.
Berg, Susanne.  2012.  Besök av Bizchut - Organisationen för Mänskliga Rättigheter till Personer med Funktionshinder i Israel.
Russell, Marta.  1998.  Beyond Ramps: Disability at the End of the Social Contract.
Book review courtesy Common Courage Press. Internet publication URL:
Miles, M.  1988.  The Blind Afghan Child.
A young Afghan who was born blind in a remote village tells of his childhood and how he gained the skills to take part in community life and later to earn his living in a town. Internet publication URL:
Miles, M.  2011.  Blind and Sighted Pioneer Teachers in 19th Century China and India (revised edition).
This article introduces blind and sighted men and women who developed education and employment for blind people in China and in India from the 1830s onward, and whose pioneering efforts have disappeared from later accounts of blind people's history. This revised and much extended online version is published in April 2011: and
PDF icon miles201104Pioneer-Teach-Blind_v2.pdf (436.77 KB)
Miles, M.  2000.  Blind People Handling Their Own Fate.
Accounts of earlier social responses to blind people particularly in Japan, and to some extent in China, indicate a measure of both group and individual autonomy within reserved and valued occupations, ostensibly reflecting a status model more 'normal' than blind people enjoyed in much of European history. (Excerpt From: M. Miles (2000) Disability on a Different Model: Glimpses of an Asian Heritage.) Internet publication URL:
Brown, Steven E.  1996.  Book Review - Deviants, Invalids, and Anthropologists: Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Conditions of Disability in One Academic Discipline: A Review of Disability and Culture.
Dr. Steven E. Brown, Co-Founder of the Institute on Disability Culture, in the United States, critically reviewed the book Disability and Culture, edited by Benedicte Ingstad and Susan Reynolds Whyte. Disability and Rehabilitation: An international, multidisciplinary journal, First published in May 1996. Internet publication URL:
Bolling, Jamie.  2021.  Book review - Vying for a choice: Gordana Rajkov - A Life Story.
Hardus, Alwine.  1998.  Boss in your own home: Client Linked Budget.
"Client-linked budget" is a system of direct payments for personal assistance services. This outlines the Dutch service, comparing it with "help in kind." Internet publication URL:
Dr. Adolf Ratzka.  1998.  Brief Description of the Swedish Personal Assistance Act of 1994 (LASS).
For the "International Survey of Personal Assistance Schemes." Internet publication URLs: and
Shields, Craig V.  1988.  A brief history of brokerage.
Service brokerage has a commitment to a set of values emphasizing the worth and dignity of individuals with disabilites and their right to live in the community. Internet publication URL:
Dr. Adolf Ratzka.  1994.  A brief survey of studies on costs and benefits of non-handicapping environments.
Presentation at the International Congress on Accessibility in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, June 1994. Internet publication URL:
Finkelstein, Vic, Morrison Elspeth.  1993.  Broken Arts And Cultural Repair: The Role Of Culture In The Empowerment Of Disabled People.
A discussion of how human beings come together in groups to confirm their identity and how disability arts and culture enable people with disabilities to find their way into mainstream culture. Morrison, former editor of Disability Arts in London magazine, is freelance writer, theatre director, and author of the Independent Theatre Council's book on Theatre Practice and Disability. Finkelstein, a psychologist by training, was tutor in Disability Studies at the Open University, now Visiting Senior Research Fellow in the Centre for Disability Studies, Leeds University. Both authors have a disability. Internet publication URL:
Miles, M.  2013.  Buddhism and responses to disability, mental disorders and deafness in Asia - A bibliography of historical and modern texts with introduction and partial annotation, and some echoes in western countries. PDF icon buddhism-disability-bibliography-m-miles201311.pdf (855.91 KB)
Campbell, Jane.  2003.  Building an Independent Living organisation fit for the twenty first century. Underpinning organisational development with empowering principals.
Dr. Jane Campbell, Chair of the Social Care Institute for Excellence in England, contemplates the future of Independent Living organisations, including work together with non-disabled persons (which she calls, "the mutuality route.") She concludes, "our independent living organisations to be fit for the 21st century we must have principles of: full inclusion, valuing diversity, equality of opportunity, human rights, civil rights, and citizenship. Internet publication URL:
Stepanov, Viatcheslav K.  1991.  Built environment for disabled persons in Russia: Needs and problems.
Internet publication URL:  
Disability Net 2000.  2000.  Buses for All (Europe) - A Brief Presentation.
A briefing outlining the Australian government’s plans to improve transportation accessibility for disabled people. Other briefings from the year 2000 detail the progress and problems of the EU Bus and Coach Directive and a campaign by the action group, Buses for All (Europe), to make buses accessible for all people with disabilities. Internet publication URL:
International Labour Organisation.  1983.  C159 Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (Disabled Persons) Convention, 1983.
In 1983 The General Conference of the International Labour Organisation adopted the Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (Disabled Persons) Convention in Geneva. Internet publication URL:
Smith, Eleanor.  1999.  A Call for "Visitability.
Despite improvements in disability access, homes still routinely exclude people with disabilities. Eleanor Smith suggests a different approach to construction and modification. Internet publication URL:
Champagne, Jean-Remi.  1987.  Canadian Action on Handicapping Environments.
Canada has made considerable progress in developing barrier-free environments, and human rights legislation now contains anti-discriminatory clauses which protect disabled persons, thereby providing opportunities for equal access to shelter, employment, goods and services. Internet publication URL:
Dr. Adolf Ratzka.  1991.  The case for accessibility legislation in a market economy." .
Internet publication URL:
Dr. Adolf Ratzka.  2011.  A case for non-discrimination on grounds of ethnicity in government disability policy.
Presentation at National Conference, Commission for Equal Rights of Persons with Disabilities, Beer Sheba, Israel, December 1 2010
PDF icon 2010-12_Beer_Sheba_A_case_for_non-dicrimination_on_the_grounds_of_ethnicity_in_social_insurance.pdf (69.16 KB)
Linder, Ola.  2017.  CASE LAW: Swedish municipality liable for disability discrimination through deficient accessibility in elementary school.
Doty, Pamela J.  1998.  The Cash and Counseling Demonstration: An Experiment in Consumer-Directed Personal Assistance Services.
The "Cash and Counseling" Demonstration/Evaluation is a large-scale public policy experiment designed to test the feasibility and assess a consumer-directed approach to the financing and delivery of personal assistance services (PAS). Internet publication URL:
Brown, Steven E.  1995.  A Celebration of Diversity: An Introductory, Annotated Bibliography about Disability Culture.
According to Dr. Steven E. Brown, Co-Founder of the Institute on Disability Culture, in the United States, the idea of disability culture has gained momentum in the early 1990s leading to many examples of the culture in articles, books, music, and film. This is an annotated description of those Brown believes are most significant. In: Disability Studies Quarterly 15 (4), (Fall 1995), 36-55. (PDF, 125 KB.) Internet publication URL: and
Racino, Julie Ann.  1991.  Center for Independent Living (CIL): Disabled People Take the Lead for Full Community Lives.
The Berkeley CIL, the "first organization of its type in the world," is a visible symbol of the Independent Living movement, the international civil rights movement of disabled people. Internet publication URL:
Brafman, Daniela.  2008.  Center for Independent Living in Jerusalem.
Racino, Julie Ann.  1991.  Centrum för Independent Living (CIL), Berkeley, California: Funktionshindrade visar vägen till fullvärdigt medborgarskap.
The Berkeley CIL, the "first organization of its type in the world," is a visible symbol of the Independent Living movement, the international civil rights movement of disabled people. Internet publication URL: (In Swedish.)
DeJong, Gerben.  1988.  The challenge of middle age for the Independent Living Movement.
Early in the movement, persons with physical disabilities wanted to be viewed as competent, self-directed, and capable of managing their own lives. Persons whose capacity for self-direction had been compromised threatened that image of competence. Internet publication URL:
Creurer, Michael.  1998.  Changing Lanes... A guide to help when aging, illness or disability forces us into the Slow Lane - Book Review.
Michael Creurer offers valuable psycho-educational concepts combined with narratives about the author and his disabled peers. Internet publication URL:
Curtis, Charles.  1984.  The changing role of the People First advisor.
People First is a self-advocacy organization operated by and for people with mental (intellectual) handicaps, with help from non-voting, non-disabled advisors. People First philosophy envisages a time when local chapters can function without full-time advisors, using only temporary help as needed. Curtis describes qualities of "good" advisors who are able to give leadership without taking control and problems which may arise with advisors from agency/institution staffs, who often hold traditional views and may be overprotective. Internet publication URL:
Dr. Adolf Ratzka.  2003.  Checklist for Organizing Independent Living Events.
In this checklist the author covers the steps of planning, event format, event contents and media work which are crucial to the success of a workshop, training session, seminar or conference on Independent Living. Internet publication URL:
Independent Living Institute, Sweden.  2005.  Checklist for University Disability Information and Self-assessment questions.
Miles, M.  2006.  Children with spina bifida and hydrocephalus in Africa: can medical, family and community resources improve the life chances?
This much extended and revised article incorporates material from: M. Miles (2002) Children with hydrocephalus and spina bifida in East Africa: can family and community resources improve the odds? Disability & Society 17: 643-658, Carfax Publishing, Taylor & Francis. (The latter material is republished with permission.) The revised article concerns social responses to children with hydrocephalus and spina bifida in African countries, and the historical development of ways in which various resources have been used to improve their life chances, and overcome the disabling effects of these conditions. Internet publication URLs: and (239 KB).
PDF icon miles200609.pdf (238.41 KB)
Miles, M.  2010.  THE CHUAS OF SHAH DAULAH AT GUJRAT, PAKISTAN: Evidence, Historical Background and Development, with Bibliography 1839-2009.
[This article cites and quotes historical materials first collected in: M. Miles (1996) Pakistan's microcephalic chuas of Shah Daulah: cursed, clamped or cherished? History of Psychiatry 7: 571-589, from Taylor & Francis,] Evidence on microcephalic children (chuas) at the shrine, and how some of them developed a capacity for independent living. Internet publication URL: