Boss in your own home: Client Linked Budget

"Client-linked budget" is a system of direct payments for personal assistance services. This outlines the Dutch service, comparing it with "help in kind." Internet publication URL:

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If, as a result of a physical or mental disability, you need nursing, care, counselling, support or treatment for longer than three months at home, there are two solutions: help in kind, or the Client Linked Budget.

Help in kind
Domestic assistance, care or nursing can be obtained through the home care organisation. Specialized organisations are available to assist persons with a mental disability. This is an adequate solution for some people. While you do not have to organise anything yourself, this can have a number of disadvantages. You cannot determine yourself who will assist you. Often you are faced with many different faces and helping hands. Also, you are not given the full say in determining the times and places of your assistance. Therefore, you are dependent on an organisation's decisions. If you don't want this, there is another option.

Help in kind:
Organisation arranges everything

Largely dependent on the organisation and limited freedom

Client-linked budget
That solution is the client-linked budget. You get money so that you yourself can choose who will come to help and at what times. You determine what the carer does for you and where. This means that you are the boss of your time, your house and your own body. You no longer have to resign yourself to the organisation, but can arrange your day-to-day life according to your own wishes. On the other hand, you become your carers' employer or client. You do have to arrange a lot yourself, but you get a lot of freedom in return.

Client-linked budget:
You arrange your assistance yourself

Boss of your own life and a lot of freedom

Client-linked budget! But how?
Anyone needing nursing, care, support, counselling or treatment for longer than three months can opt for the client-linked budget. Whether you can actually organise your assistance in that way depends on a number of factors. First, you sign up with the care office in your area (call Per Saldo to receive the telephone number for this office). This office determines whether you will receive a budget. If so, an admissions committee will determine the number of hours, the type of assistance and the level of the budget. Your care office can provide you with further information.

Care office:
determines whether you will receive a client-linked budget

Admissions committee:
determines the number of hours

And then what?
You will not actually be handed the budget. The Social Insurance Bank will manage this for you.

You do have to find one or more carers yourself, or call in an organisation to provide assistance according to your conditions. Contracts must be closed with these carers or the organisation.

You assign the manager of your budget to pay out your employee(s) or the organisation. While quite a bit has to be arranged, you do not necessarily have to do this on your own.


Your budget is managed for you
You find employees
Or you give an assignment to an organisation
You arrange everything that an employer or client would arrange

I am a budgetee and would like to join Per Saldo. I will pay an annual membership fee. You can request the amount for this year from Per Saldo.


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Send this application form in a stamped envelope to:
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Per Saldo for you the budgetee
The Association Per Saldo was founded specially for those with a client linked budget. You can become a member of Per Saldo, an organisation that knows exactly what is involved in dealing with a client-linked budget. Per Saldo is there for you. Your interests come first.

You are given support, information and advice. In practice, this means that you can turn to Per Saldo for all your questions and advice on the client-linked budget. To carry out its tasks effectively, Per Saldo maintains regular contact with important organisations involved in the implementation of the client linked budget.

Per Saldo for budgetees:

  • protects interests
  • provides support, information and advice

Becoming a member of Per Saldo
Once you have paid the membership fee, you will receive the members letter and all information free of charge. You can consult Per Saldo continually for support, information and advice on the client-linked budget. You can be assured that Per Saldo will protect your interests to the best of its ability.

For any questions, please contact us at:

Per Saldo
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