Independent Living Institute (ILI) Annual Report 1998

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Independent Living Institute (ILI),
Annual Report 1998


The Institute hired Mr. Kris Walmsley as webmaster for its HORIZON project Personal Assistance Network and Ms. Terry Skehan as administrative officer.


Under a contract with the Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Affairs, Republic of Slovakia the Institute organized and hosted a two day international workshop in Bratislava. The program consisted of international comparisons in the area of personal assistance, accessible public transportation and accessible mainstream taxi services. The central items on the agenda were the presentations of the two pilot projects which the Institute had recently set up in Bratislava, the personal assistance and accessible mainstream taxi project. Presenters came from the Slovak Republic, Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, the UK and Sweden. The event and the two pilot projects received favorable national media coverage.


The Institute's Director was contracted by STIL, the Stockholm Cooperative for Independent Living to work as consultant with organizing Independent Living Sweden events for IL Sweden including a conference to be held in August 1998.

The Institute hosted and organized a planning meeting in Stockholm for its partners in the joint projects "Facing our Future" and "Shaping our Future".. Lead partners were Center for Independent Living Hampshire, UK and National Centre for Independent Living, London.


Administrative Officer Terry Skehan represented the Institute at the meeting of the transnational partnership in the Institue´s HORIZON project in Nottingham, UK.

As part of the Institute's cooperation in the joint projects "Facing our Future" and "Shaping our Future" the Institute's Adolf Ratzka delivered papers on the role of Centers for Independent Living and the closing keynote address "Crip Utopia".at two international seminars in Southampton, UK. and London.


The Institute's Adolf Ratzka presented a paper on the theme "Selbstbestimmtes Leben -Selbstbestimmte Sexualität" at the seminar organized by Gender Link in Vienna, Austria as part of Gender Link´s research contract with the Austrian Ministry of Women.

Adolf Ratzka participated in a Workshop in Bratislava, Slovak Republic under an invitation by the Bratislava Center for Independent Living. The topics included the follow-up of the two pilot projects in Bratislava, Slovak Republic and (see Annual Report 1997).


The Institute organized and co-hosted a one-day seminar on Disability and International Cooperation together with SHIA, the Swedish journal Socialpolitik and Forum Syd. Participants were Assistant Secretary Judith E. Heumann, Washington, D.C., DPI chair Mr. Kalle Könkköllä, Finland, Ms. Shanaaz Majeet, Rep of South Africa, Dr. Federico Montero, Costa Rica, Human Rights Commissioner Mr.Jerry Nkeli, Rep South Africa, Prof. Colin Barnes, University of Leeds, UK.

Presentation of the Institute's project proposal TAXI FOR ALL at the international conference co-hosted by The Office of the Swedish Disability Ombudsman and Independent Living Sweden on disability and legislation in Stockholm, Sweden.


The Institute's Director Adolf Ratzka was elected first chair of Independent Living Sweden, the national umbrella organization for Independent Living in Sweden.


As part of its HORIZON project "Personal Assistance Network" the Institute participated in the Rome meeting of the transnational partnership.


The Institute´s Adolf Ratzka was recognized by TIME Magazine as "European Visionary" in their special European winter 98/99 edition.

Throughout the year the Institute received several visits by disability researchers and activists. Also, the Institute through its website received hundreds of inquiries about sources of information, statistics, legislation, examples of best practice. This international clearinghouse function of the Institute has been grossly understaffed.

During 1998 the Institute´s Adolf Ratzka served as peer reviewer for the EUSTAT consortium for their project on user training in assistive technology.

Board for the Independent Living Institute

Adolf Ratzka, Stockholm, Sweden
Philipp Mason, Hampshire, UK
Bente Skansgård, Oslo, Norway
Rolf Bergfors, Göteborg, Sweden


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