Get A Life! - Euthanasia and human value

Campbell, Jane.  2003.  Get A Life! - Euthanasia and human value.

by Dr Jane Campbell MBE
STIL Seminar, 26th May 2003

Independent living asserts that every life is worth living; science seeking to eliminate disability is against this principle; science should make disabled life worth living, not prevent or end it.

Executive Order: Community-Based Alternatives for Individuals with Disabilities

Bush, George.  2001.  Executive Order: Community-Based Alternatives for Individuals with Disabilities.

By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, and in order to place qualified individuals with disabilities in community settings whenever appropriate, it is hereby ordered as follows:

Section 1. Policy. This order is issued consistent with the following findings and principles:

(a) The United States is committed to community-based alternatives for individuals with disabilities and recognizes that such services advance the best interests of Americans.

(b) The United States seeks to ensure that America's community-based programs effectively foster independence and participation in the community for Americans with disabilities.

Guidelines to promote Personal Assistance at the workplace

Brozek, Dorothea.  2004.  Guidelines to promote Personal Assistance at the workplace.

In German


Legislative and financial basis

The legislative basis for Personal Assistance at the Workplace (PAW) are the special guidelines to promote Personal Assistance at the Workplace that have been in force since 1st of January 2004. They aim at securing a qualitative as well as a quantitative increase of participation at the general labour market or for completing a vocational training (includes higher education and studying at a University in this context) of those people with disabilities that need personal support to structure their working life resp. their vocational training in an independent and autonomous way.

The Austrian Long-term Care Insurance

Brozek, Dorothea.  2004.  The Austrian Long-term Care Insurance.


In German


Legal and financial basis

The legal basis for the Austrian long-term care benefit is the Federal Act for long-term care benefit that was introduced in 1993. The expressed purpose of this legislation is as follows: “The long-term care benefit aims at compensating additional expenditure due to long-term care in the form of a flat-rate cash benefit to ensure as far as possible necessary attendance and support for persons with need for care and to improve their possibility to live an independent life according to their needs.” (§1)

Personal Assistance in Sweden

Berg, Susanne.  2003.  Personal Assistance in Sweden.


by Susanne Berg, Independent Living Institute


Let me start by thanking you all for inviting me here today.

During the last two decades of my life I have had assistance with almost all of the everyday activities “common man” does without thinking. I have spent months in hospital and rehabilitation units. I have lived in a flat connected to a service central allowing me some modicum of privacy and integrity. I have had the doubtful privilege of meeting the fifty or so personal of the “night patrol” taking turns to visit me. And since 1994 I have had personal assistance through direct payments.

Independent Living and some Italian Experiences

Belli, Raffaello.  2003.  Independent Living and some Italian Experiences.

by Raffaello Belli, 2003-03,
Presented at the European Network on Independent Living (ENIL) conference in Southampton, England, 7-9 March 2003

(Another presentation at the conference: Rajkov, Gordana. 2003. "Inependent Living and Yugoslav Experience.")

Negative attitudes

There had been many negative attitudes towards direct payments in Italy. One of the reasons is attributed to the opposition of powerful organizations who run big institutions. Furthermore many people expect the authorities to solve any of their problems.

Disability, the organization of work, and the need for change

Barnes, Colin.  2003.  Disability, the organization of work, and the need for change.

Colin Barnes
Professor of Disability Studies
Centre for Disability Studies
Department of Sociology and Social Policy
The University of Leeds

(Statement presented to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development Conference ‘Transforming Disability Into Ability’, March 6th 2003.)

Tenerife Declaration - Promote Independent Living - End Discrimination against Disabled People

1st European Congress on Independent Living.  2003.  Tenerife Declaration - Promote Independent Living - End Discrimination against Disabled People.

In Italian | In Spanish

We, four hundred participants from many European countries gathered at the 1st European Congress on Independent Living, held in Tenerife in the framework of the 2003 European Year for Disabled People, urge that the Canary Islands’ and Spanish Governments take the lead in advocating for the implementation of this Declaration in European Union policy, specifically in the work for the upcoming Non Discrimination Directive on Disability, and the European Action Plan on Disability.

Principles of Independent Living


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