Freedom to choose with whom, where and how you want to live – Deinstitutionalisation (DI) in Sweden

Karlsson, Riitta-Leena, Bolling Jamie.  2022.  Freedom to choose with whom, where and how you want to live – Deinstitutionalisation (DI) in Sweden.
In this publication, Jamie Bolling and Riitta-Leena Karlsson examine what is required to provide persons with disabilities with opportunities to live like others. The UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) and existing Swedish laws, not least the Social Services Act (SoL) and the Act concerning Support and Service for Persons with Certain Functional Impairments (LSS), support this goal. However, as the authors note, the implementation recently has become restrained in a manner that has impaired the possibilities to do so for many.

Friheten att bestämma med vem, var och hur en vill bo – Avinstitutionalisering/Deinstitutionalization (DI) i Sverige

Karlsson, Riitta-Leena, Bolling Jamie.  2022.  Friheten att bestämma med vem, var och hur en vill bo – Avinstitutionalisering/Deinstitutionalization (DI) i Sverige. :88.
I den här skriften redovisar Jamie Bolling och Riitta Leena Karlsson vad som krävs för att personer med funktionsnedsättning ska få möjligheter att leva ett liv som andra. FN:s konvention om rättigheter för personer med funktionsnedsättning och gällande svenska lagar, inte minst socialtjänstlagen och lagen om stöd och service till vissa funktionshindrade (LSS), ger stöd för det målet, men som de konstaterar så har tillämpningen under senare stramats åt på ett sätt som för många har försämrat förutsättningarna att kunna göra det.

Stiletten Samlingen 1986 – 2010

Dr. Adolf Ratzka.  2021.  Stiletten Samlingen 1986 – 2010.

Stiletten 3 1986Stiletten var STIL-kooperativets organ som gavs ut i pappersform fram till 2011. 1986 kom dåvarande verksamhetsledaren Bengt Elmén på idéen att samla våra frekventa utskick till medkämparna och medlemmarna och allmänheten i ett nyhetsbrev med detta vassa namn. Stilettens uppgift var att hålla dem informerade om

Understanding Independent Living in Sweden: An Overview

Janhager, Alexander Caputo.  2019.  Understanding Independent Living in Sweden: An Overview.

In our project Article 19 as a tool, we welcomed Alex Caputo Janhager as an intern. As a part of his internship and introduction to Sweden, he wrote a paper on the Independent living Institute and its activities, the Swedish political system and Sweden’s relation to international human rights norms. The paper is available at the end of this post.

Adolf D. Ratzka, PhD, Interviews and Profiles

Dr. Adolf Ratzka.  2009.  Adolf D. Ratzka, PhD, Interviews and Profiles.

Photo of Adolf Ratzka

Interviews and Profiles

For newer videos please visit ratzka.se where Adolf Ratzka has a collection of newer material 


2009  Interview with Adolf Ratzka during ENIL's Strasbourg Freedom Drive by Dr. Paul Durke

Adolf Ratzka reflects on the slow progress disabled people have been making during the last decades, the strong powers behind institutionalization, and describes how the Swedish Independent Living Movement introduced direct payments for personal assistance.

Self-determination through Direct Payments and Personal Assistance cooperatives

Dr. Adolf Ratzka.  2015.  Self-determination through Direct Payments and Personal Assistance cooperatives.
In his keynote address Adolf Ratzka delineates the origins of STIL, the Stockholm Cooperative for Independent Living owned and mainly run by Personal Assistance user themselves providing services to its members. Personal Assistance is here depicted as an example of demand-driven as opposed to supply-driven services which, according to the text's analysis, would explain the differences between these services in terms of quality and cost efficiency.

What role can Independent Living play in a country in economic crisis?

Dr., Ratzka Adolf;.  2015.  What role can Independent Living play in a country in economic crisis?
SYRIZA, the government party in Greece, organized a conference on politics and disability together with the Greek branch of the Independent Living movement in Athens, March 13, 2015. Adolf Ratzka was invited to participate by Skype and talk about the role that Independent Living, especially Personal Assistance, can play in a country in economic crises: benefiting persons with extensive disabilities who today often depend on their families for physical survival and benefiting the national economy by creating employment opportunities and stimulating domestic demand.

Global Disability: Reality, Theory, Practice

Ansorge, Josef T.  2014.  Global Disability: Reality, Theory, Practice.
What is the relationship of global health to global disability? Medicalizing the issue of disability may occlude the social and political aspects of disability. While the history of political thought and social contract theories are embarrassing in their neglect and treatment of disability, the history of the U.S. Civil Rights struggle offers some interesting parallels.
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