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Webinar 'Disability Rights Defenders Network' May 2019

Independent Living Institute.  2019.  Webinar 'Disability Rights Defenders Network' May 2019.

ILI and the European Network on Independent Living (ENIL) held a webinar to introduce the work of the Disability Rights Defenders Network. The webinar took place on 20 May 2019.  This report summarizes the webinar shortly. 

Access to Justice

Dr. Adolf Ratzka.  2018.  Access to Justice.


Dr. Adolf Ratzka, chair of the Swedish Association ”Law as a Tool for Social Change”

 I am here in this panel as the chairperson of the Swedish member association Law as a Tool for Social Change (”Med lagen som verktyg”). Our mission is to raise awareness of our group’s human and civil rights, and to increase our capacity in defending these rights against businesses and government agencies - if necessary in court. Thus, in this panel, my perpective is from the grass-roots level.

Adolf Ratzka awarded ULOBAs 2017 Pride Award

Dr. Adolf Ratzka.  2017.  Adolf Ratzka awarded ULOBAs 2017 Pride Award.

Adolf Ratzka winner of  ULOBAs Pride Award in Oslo  2017

Adolf Ratzka wins ULOBA's 2017 Pride Award at the annual ULOBA Pride Parade in Oslo on June 17. ULOBA's general director Vibeke Maröy Melström had this to say about the jury's decision

This year’s winner of the Pride Award has been one of Europe’s leading activists in the fight for equality for disabled people for nearly five centuries.

The award winner defines Independent Living as us having the rights, choices and control over our own lives which others often take for granted.

CONFERENCE VIDEOS 24-25 NOV 2016: Strategic litigation and human rights enforcement

Paul Lappalainen, Erdtman, Emil.  2017.  CONFERENCE VIDEOS 24-25 NOV 2016: Strategic litigation and human rights enforcement.

On 24 and 25 November 2016, the Law as a Tool for Social Change project arranged a conference and two seminars on how civil society, through strategic litigation, can counteract discrimination against people with disabilities and contribute to case law and the changing of legal norms.

Med lagen som verktyg - Projektansökan av Independent Living Institute (ILI)

Dr. Adolf Ratzka.  2014.  Med lagen som verktyg - Projektansökan av Independent Living Institute (ILI).


Förstudien Med lagen som verktyg, som finansierades av Arvsfonden, konstaterade att människor med funktionsnedsättningar och deras organisationer borde ha bättre juridisk beredskap för att kunna bemöta den diskriminering som personer med funktionsnedsättningar utsätts för.

Det planerade projektet ska vara med och förbättra funktionsnedsatta människors livsvillkor genom att motarbeta negativ särbehandling med lagen som verktyg. Projektet ska

Global Disability: Reality, Theory, Practice

Ansorge, Josef T.  2014.  Global Disability: Reality, Theory, Practice.
What is the relationship of global health to global disability? Medicalizing the issue of disability may occlude the social and political aspects of disability. While the history of political thought and social contract theories are embarrassing in their neglect and treatment of disability, the history of the U.S. Civil Rights struggle offers some interesting parallels.
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Independent Living for people with disabilities: from patient to citizen to customer

Dr. Adolf Ratzka.  2013.  Independent Living for people with disabilities: from patient to citizen to customer.
Many countries have political priorities and policies that force persons with disabilities into dependency, particularly those who for their survival depend on the practical help from other persons in their daily lives. Direct payments for the purchase of personal assistance services not only constitute an efficient labor market policy instrument that stimulates domestic demand. Direct payments liberate us from dependency on family or residential institutions and enable us to take our rightful place as citizens in a democratic society.


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