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Hungerstrejk för personlig assistans i Frankrike

Abadia, Regine, Sallem Ryadh.  2005.  Hungerstrejk för personlig assistans i Frankrike.

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Regine Abadia och Ryadh Sallem


I åratal fick Marcel Nuss kämpa för sin rätt att leva som andra, ute i samhället istället för att vara inlåst på institution. Han fick kämpa därför att han har ett funktionshinder och använder ventilator dygnet runt, han fick kämpa för att han behöver personlig assistans  - och för att han är bosatt i Frankrike där människor med dessa behov inte anses kapabla att leva utanför sjukhusliknande anstalter.

Excerpts from Preserving disability civil rights: a step-by-step guide to taking action

Disability Rights Education Defense Fund.  1992.  Excerpts from Preserving disability civil rights: a step-by-step guide to taking action.

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This is the manual you have always wanted to consult. Have a look at the table of contents to whet your appetite:

Fundraising, putting on an event, writing proposals, talking to lenders and donors, media/public relations, press release, letters to the editor, bringing television to your event, getting an interview in the media, politicking the politicians, community organizing, starting a small group, creating coalitions, educating the community, and much more.

The Craving of the Benevolent

Berg, Susanne.  2003.  The Craving of the Benevolent.

Susanne Berg and her catSusanne Berg has been actively involved in the Swedish disability movement since the mid-1980s. She lectures, writes and speaks on a range of subjects from disability history and awareness to accessibility to the physical environment. Susanne sees column writing as therapy, loves her cat and hates 1111descriptions like this.

 Listening to the angry argument between my Swiss friend and our table neighbour I try to look undisturbed; cool, calm and aloof. They are arguing about me, or rather the right to cut my sausages.


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