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Dunn, Peter A.  1997.  A Comparative Analysis of Barrier-Free Housing: Policies for Elderly People in the United States and Canada.
This paper identifies policy issues in creating barrier free housing for elderly people with disabilities in the United States and Canada. The strengths and weaknesses of a variety of policy approaches are contrasted. The approach in the United States which emphasizes individual housing rights is compared to the more social welfare approach used in Canada. Internet publication URL:
Dunn, Peter A.  1997.  Government policy innovations and trends in barrier-free housing, accessible transportation and personal supports.
In this paper, Peter A. Dunn, Associate Professor in the Faculty of Social Work at Wilfred Laurier University, Canada, outlines some of the provincial and territorial policies in Canada that began to incorporate independent living (IL) principles during the UN Decade of Disabled Persons (1983-1992). It focuses upon three areas: barrier-free housing, accessible transportation and attendant services/ personal supports. Internet publication URL:
Dunn, Peter A.  1991.  Accessible housing legislation and policies: A framework for future policy development.
This paper focuses on the range of policy and legislative issues which need to be tackled in order for countries to promote a barrier-free housing environment, while looking at housing rights and civil rights of people with disabilities. Internet publication URL:
Dunn, Peter A.  1990.  The Economic, Social, and Environmental Obstacles Which Seniors with disabilities confront in Canada.
This paper describes and analyzes the economic, environmental and attitudinal factors that create barriers which confront disabled seniors in Canada, especially those individuals with physical disabilities, and which limit their full participation in society. Internet publication URL: