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Independent Living – för ett liv med självbestämmande

Bolling, Jamie.  2022.  Independent Living – för ett liv med självbestämmande.

Vad är Independent Living (IL) och vad står det för?
I den här essän berättar  Jamie Bolling, Independent Living Institutes verksamhetsledare och Artikel 19 som verktygs projektledare, historien bakom IL-rörelsen, förklarar begreppen och reder ut vad Independent Living innebär.

Understanding Independent Living in Sweden: An Overview

Janhager, Alexander Caputo.  2019.  Understanding Independent Living in Sweden: An Overview.

In our project Article 19 as a tool, we welcomed Alex Caputo Janhager as an intern. As a part of his internship and introduction to Sweden, he wrote a paper on the Independent living Institute and its activities, the Swedish political system and Sweden’s relation to international human rights norms. The paper is available at the end of this post.

Global Disability: Reality, Theory, Practice

Ansorge, Josef T.  2014.  Global Disability: Reality, Theory, Practice.
What is the relationship of global health to global disability? Medicalizing the issue of disability may occlude the social and political aspects of disability. While the history of political thought and social contract theories are embarrassing in their neglect and treatment of disability, the history of the U.S. Civil Rights struggle offers some interesting parallels.
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"Back to Our Roots" Adolf Ratzka Plenary Presentation ENIL Strasbourg Freedom Drive September 6 2013

Dr., Ratzka Adolf;.  2013.  "Back to Our Roots" Adolf Ratzka Plenary Presentation ENIL Strasbourg Freedom Drive September 6 2013.

Adolf Ratzka, Independent Living Institute and Founding Chairperson of ENIL
ENIL Strasbourg Freedom Drive Plenary Presentation September 6  2013

Model National Personal Assistance Policy

Dr. Adolf Ratzka.  2004.  Model National Personal Assistance Policy.
Using our combined personal experience with personal assistance policies a list of features was compiled for a policy that is to promote self-determination and full citizenship for persons with extensive disabilities. The suggested policy is designed to:
  • establish the right to direct payments of assistance services for as many assistance users as possible,
  • enable as many assistance users as possible to exercise the degree of control over their services which they prefer at any given situation in their lives

Culture and Identity

McLaughlin, Dara.  2001.  Culture and Identity.

Photo of Dara McLaughlinblank spaceDara McLaughlin is a writer and visual artist. Her award winning poetry and stories have been published in literary magazines and anthologies. Her autobiographical poetry collection, A Map of This World, was released in 1999. Dara teaches poetry, coordinates writing workshops, and is an advocacy speaker for disability issues and education. Raised in New York, Dara moved to New Mexico six years ago,and works from her studio on a mesa overlooking The Rio Grande.

Back To Basics - Hampshire Center for Independent Living's Expert Seminar on Independent Living

Mason, Philip.  1998.  Back To Basics - Hampshire Center for Independent Living's Expert Seminar on Independent Living.

Keynote at the Expert Seminar
organized by the Hampshire Center for Independent Living
in Southampton, May 30 -31 1998

by Philip Mason


I am privileged and overawed to be the first speaker in this conference. A conference which is looking at the future in respect of those well known phrases 'Independent Living' and 'Direct Payments'. It is a privilege and also a responsibility because I need to strike the right note. I need to encourage but also to challenge.

So where do we start? Do we talk about the past; look at the present, and then think about the future?

We ought to do a little bit of all three and it is my job to start the ball rolling.


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