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Erdtman, Emil.  2008.  Spain - Spaniards are fighting for more personal assistance.
Erdtman, Emil.  2008.  Greece – Stelios lives “independently” with help from his family.
Erdtman, Emil.  2008.  Croatians are proud of their disability policy.
Erdtman, Emil.  2021.  The Self-determination Circle - a study circle guide for article 19 of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. PDF icon Studiematerial-Artikel-19-english.pdf (2.78 MB)
Erdtman, Emil.  2008.  Iceland – Few have been granted personal assistance payments.
Erdtman, Emil.  2011.  Tillgänglighet och design väger tungt i Barcelona..
Erdtman, Emil.  2018.  International Conference: Using the Law as a Tool for Social Change, the 30th of May 2018, Stockholm. PDF icon Invitation to conference and connected events May 2018  (1.68 MB)PDF icon Overview equality and non-discrimination and disability in the Nordic countries (926.67 KB)PDF icon Gerard Quinn Presentation (560.77 KB)PDF icon Discrimination Legislation and Civil Society (541.27 KB)PDF icon Conference Report (1.57 MB)PDF icon Notes from Network Meeting 180531 (612.04 KB)PDF icon Notes from Match ILI - IIDL 180528and29 (666.62 KB)
Erdtman, Emil.  2008.  Ireland – ideological shift under way - interview with David Egan.
Erdtman, Emil.  2011.  Mats Winberg granskar tillgängligheten i Barcelona - reseberättelse.
Erdtman, Emil.  2016.  Kungliga slottet i Gamla stan i Stockholm.
Erdtman, Emil.  2010.  Spain - Assistance - available in Spain by law, but not in reality.
Erdtman, Emil.  2010.  Municipalities as personal assistance providers in Sweden.