"Invitation to Disability Studies" New book on disability studies in Japanese

A collection of texts and resources by persons with disabilities for disabled people. (in Japanese.) Internet publication URL: www.independentliving.org/docs5/nagase.html

edited by Jun Ishikawa and Osamu Nagase
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Osamu Nagase, of the Institute on Disability and Communication, and Jun Ishikawa have edited this comprehensive collection of disability studies. The following texts and authors have contributed to the book:

Towards Disability Studies, NAGASE Osamu
Disability, Technology and Identity, ISHIKAWA Jun
Independence through Self-Determination, TATEIWA Shinya
"Disability" and Pre-natal Screening, TAMAI Mariko
History of Eugenics, ICHINOKAWA Yasutaka
Deaf Culture, Disability and Disabled People, MORI Soya
Construction of Disability in Deaf Education, KANAZAWA Takayuki
Paradox of "Unorthodox", KURAMOTO Tomoaki
Creation of History, HANADA Shuncho
Psychiatric Disability Seen from Disability Studies, YAMADA Tomiaki