Project funding granted "Using the law" (Med lagen som verktyg)

The Swedish Inheritance Fund approved funding for the three year project  "Using the law"  (Med lagen som verktyg) at it's October 2015 board meeting. Co-applicants are Handikappförbunden HSOApply Human RightsDHRSTIL, och Personskadeförbundet RTP. Previously a pre-study was conducted, financed by The Swedish Inheritance Fund, which concluded that the Swedish disability movement should have better legal skills so as to respond to the discrimination faced by disabled people. This 3-year project shall increase the disability movement’s access to legal expertise when it comes to education, and the defense and development of human rights for persons with disabilities. 

The project application (in Swedish): Med lagen som verktyg - Projektansökan av Independent Living Institute (ILI).