Independent Living Institute

Independent Living Institute Newsletter

The purpose of the Independent Living Institute Newsletter was to inform subscribers about activities of the Institute. We stopped sending these in 2007 due to issues with spam but the Institute is still going strong even if the English homepage doesn't show much activity. You can find out what we have been doing in out annual reports.

Past Newsletters

    • 2007-07: Fashion Freaks - your dressing room on the Internet! (Fashion Freaks  ditt provrum pånätet!)


    • 2006-10: Project Training as Vehicle to Employment


    • 2006-01: Join international consortium working for traineeships for persons with disabilities with state agencies!


    • 2005-04: Disabled Youth too can be Trainees or Volunteers


    • 2004-06: Independent Living Developments Around the World




    • 2000-11: Internet for Independent Living



    • 2000-01: Universal Design for Human Rights, Diversity, Enrichment and Independent Living



    • 1999-03: Networking - Seven Tools for Going Global


  • 1999-02: Human Rights/Disability Rights