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Independent Living Institute Newsletter, December 2005

Join international consortium working for traineeships for persons with disabilities with state agencies!

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Dear Colleague,

In a previous newsletter we presented our project Study and Work Abroad for All - compiling information about the world's accessible universities. Today we take pride in announcing its extension, the project Training as Vehicle to Employment - gathering information about accessible training opportunities at government agencies.

People with disabilities are under-represented among youth who study, train, work or volunteer in their countries or abroad. With support from the Swedish government the Independent Living Institute has compiled a list of currently over 1,000 universities offering services to students with disabilities and 250 disability organizations that can be contacted for information about local conditions in university towns such as the availability of accessible housing, transportation, sign language or personal assistance services.

In late December 2005 The Independent Living Institute together with seven other European Independent Living organizations were awarded a contract by the European Union for a two-year project. We will work with government agencies in a dozen European countries to ensure that their trainee and internship programs are open also to qualified people with disabilities. We plan to register in our database training opportunities where disabled youth can apply and gain valuable work experience and insight in top level agency operations to improve their chances in the labor market.

We believe that starting with governmental institutions, ministries, authorities and other offices is of strategic importance in changing our countries' culture of exclusion that our group has been facing. Governments must take a leadership role and set the norm for including people with disabilities in the workforce. To sweep a staircase one starts at the top.

The consortium for project Training as Vehicle to Employment consists of the Independent Living Institute, Sweden (lead partner), the Centers for Independent Living in Bad Kreuznach (Germany),Dublin, Helsinki, Thessaloniki, Iniciativas y Estudios Sociales, Spain, Integracja, Poland, Apeirons, Latvia.

This work, however, is too important to be limited to our partnership. We invite concerned organizations everywhere to join us in our project as Associated Partners. While our EU funding is limited to the present 8 partner organizations, we can assist organizations in applying for funding of their own by offering our successful project proposal, its arguments, methodology, timetable, budget, etc. We are sure that funding agencies will look favorably on the synergy effects that this proposed scheme entails.

Briefly, the methodology entails forming national networks consisting of government agency administrators, MPs working with employment issues, representatives of trade union representatives and disability organizations as well as individuals with disabilities seeking employment. The national networks will lobby with state agencies by using press releases, a quarterly newsletter and semi-annual meetings for sharing technical and organizational expertise, setting high standards of general accessibility in public workplaces and working towards a national policy and its implementation regarding inclusive training and hiring. For details see the project proposal we used in our application.

In terms of resources, each partner needs to hire a national coordinator for whose position the minimum of a half-time position including office costs is anticipated. Associate Partners would share the same written resources, information and back-up as the partners with EU funding.

We cordially invite new partner organizations to join us. The more we are, the greater our impact.

Adolf Ratzka, Ph D, Director,
Independent Living Institute


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