Regional Society of Disabled People

Misson and activities:

Perspektiva aims to promote independence and an improved quality of life for disabled people in the Russian community and is committed to: (1)supporting grassroots disability organizations in Russia and CIS working for equal rights and an improved quality of life for people with disabilities; (2) assisting disabled people to acquire new skills and knowledge in living independently and in becoming fully participating members of society; (3) changing misconceptions and negative attitudes about disabled people and breaking down physical and psychological barriers through public awareness education.

Every 2 years Perspektiva holds International Disability Awareness Film Festival "Breaking Down Barriers" in Moscow. The last Festival took place on November 11-14, 2004 at the Salyut Film Theater that is supported by the Moscow Department of Culture. This project was jointly carried out with the Moscow Mayor’s office, the Russian Ministry of Culture and other local and partner disability NGOs. The festival showcased 112 films: features, documentaries, public service announcements and animation. The films from over 20 countries, including Russia, the US, Canada, Iran, Georgia, France, Hungary and India, competed for 14 awards . The awards were selected by a distinguished jury of Russian film makers and critics, chaired by the documentary film maker Sergei Govorukhin. The next festival is scheduled for November 2006.

Our current activities are focused in 3 areas: (1) "Protecting the Human and Legal Rights of Russians with Disabilities" Project, implemented in Moscow and several Russian cities; (2) promoting employment opportunities for disabled people in Moscow and several other Russian cities; (3) "International Network of Disabled Youth Activist Teams Promoting Equal Access to Education" Project, implemented in two Russian regions as well as in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan.

Our non governmental, non-profit, organization works at the international level.

We consider ourselves as part of the international Independent Living and Disability Rights Movement.

Our organization is mainly run, controlled and represented by disabled people.

We have expertise, or are interested in cooperating with other organizations, in the areas of:

Strengthening the organizational capacity of disability organizations through leadership training in the areas of disability legislation, disability awareness, public education and training, youth empowerment programs, disability rights and advocacy projects aimed at disabled youths

We may be able to refer disabled persons to wheelchair accessible housing or transportation or other services in our city.

We have traineeships or volunteer positions that people with disabilities are welcome to apply for.

Our traineeships or volunteer positions are open to applicants from abroad.

People planning to come to our city are welcome to contact us to find out about accessibility and services in Moscow 111394. We may be able to help with information.

Contact us:

Contact person:Igor Anikeev
Phone:+7 095 303 8354
Home page:
Address:30 Martenovskaya St., Entrance 1
Moscow 111394

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