Paraplegian and Physical Disabled Association (ASPID)

Misson and activities:

To promote the full participation of disabled people in the usual activities of the society: work, sport, leisure,...
Work integration, sport, conferences organisdation, information campaings, support and assessment to the people with physical disabilities.

Our organization works at the local level.

Our organization is 100% run, controlled and represented by disabled people.

We have expertise, or are interested in cooperating with other organizations, in the areas of:

Accessible public transportation.
Awareness raising.
Coalition building and networking.
Independent Living Skills Training.
Media work.
Recreation and travel.
Evrything that is related to our aims.
We develop every programme that means the inclusion of disabled people, as a citizen, in the society.
We have cooperated with organizations in other countries before:
We organise, every year, a conference where to debate about issues that are related with the concerns of disabled people. This year will be hold the VIIIth ASPID Thematic Meetings about "Disabled people and the developing countries". Every time we have had the chance of exchanging the several views that our lecturers provide.
In those years, we have been in touch with many foreign organizations, such
the english SPOD, specialised in sexuality, The fielfar Trust, also english, involved in disability and leisure in natural environements. Mobility International also participated in our first ASPID Thematioc Meetings.

Contact us:

Contact person:Cándido Villafañe
Phone:973 228980
Home page:
Address:Músic Vivaldi, 27

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