The Rowan Organisation

Misson and activities:

The Rowan Organisation believes that disabled people are disadvantaged by the attitudes of others and the lack of access to facilities and seeks to support them in order that they can overcome these barriers.
The Rowan Organisation advocates the following principles:
The skills and abilities of disabled people should be clearly recognised. Services offered should support disabled people so that they have control of their lives. The support provided should be based on the aims and objectives and needs identified by each person. People should not be segregated or discriminated against because of their impairement. The same range of opportunities and facilities should be available to disabled people as are available to others.
We provide access to 1. Support (help is available to enable each person to set their own aims and objectives and to plan for their future). 2.Independent Living (assisting disabled people to take control of their lives by managing their own support arrangements with funding from Social Services to meet their agreed needs. This might include recruitment and selection of staff, a salary service or help with day to day management of staff). 3. Information (an easily accessible, comprehensive service providing information to disabled people and carers). 4. Resources (we can access an extensive range of services and resources including ; education, employment, recreation, leisure, sports, transport, benefits advice, housing, health and Social Service provision). 5. Social and Emotional Support (by means of counselling and access to support groups). 6. Skills Development (the opportunity for disabled people to develop the skills that they consider they need in order to live their lives the way they want to). 7. Interpreting & Translation Service (access to services including sign as well as languages other than English). 8. Confidentiality (all contacts will be treated in the strictest confidence and no information will be passed on to any other agency without the permission of the person concerned).

Our organization works at the local level.

Our organization is to some degree run, controlled and represented by disabled people.

We have expertise, or are interested in cooperating with other organizations, in the areas of:

Direct Payments and Independent Living Fund.
Assisting disabled people to access any resource of their choice.
Support in any disability-related issue

Contact us:

Contact person:Roger Hunt
Phone:+44 1827 718972
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Address:North Street
N Warks
United Kingdom

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