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Access Israel is a non-profit organization whose main purposes are to develop, maintain and update a database containing reliable detailed information concerning accessibility of public facilities, tourist attractions, traveling and recreational facilities and to bring the above information - free of charge - to the target population (500,000 handicapped in Israel, 16 million in the rest of the world) via a manned call-center, an internet site and other means of communication. provides a "search- engine" that enables the physically challenged community to attain the information needed to carry out an enjoyable visit to this country and to participate in its rich heritage.

Our non governmental, non-profit, organization works at the national level.

Our organization is 100% run, controlled and represented by disabled people.

We have expertise, or are interested in cooperating with other organizations, in the areas of:

Accessible public transportation.
Computers and disability.
Recreation and travel.

Our positions are accessible for people with disabilities

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Contact person:Lesley Armon
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Address:Hankin St. #12 Hod Hasharon - Israel
Hod Hasharon

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