Central England People First


Misson and activities:

We speak up for ourselves and support other people to speak up. We have the same rights as other people. We should all have a life in our communities.

As well as advocacy we undertake research, consultancy and training.

Our non governmental, non-profit, organization works at the local level.

We consider ourselves as part of the international Independent Living and Disability Rights Movement.

Our organization is 100% run, controlled and represented by disabled people.

We have expertise, or are interested in cooperating with other organizations, in the areas of:

Assisting persons with intellectual disabilities.
Awareness raising.
Coalition building and networking.
Computers and disability.
International development and disability.
Sexuality and relationships.
Women and disability.
We have cooperated with organizations in other countries before:
in Europe, Canada and the USA

We may be able to refer disabled persons to wheelchair accessible housing or transportation or other services in our city.

We have traineeships or volunteer positions that people with disabilities are welcome to apply for.

People planning to come to our city are welcome to contact us to find out about accessibility and services in Kettering. We may be able to help with information.

Contact us:

Contact person:Ian Davis
Home page:https://www.peoplefirst.org.uk/
Address:Eskdaill House
Eskdaill St
NN16 8RA
United Kingdom

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