Center for Development and Learning

Misson and activities:

North Carolina's University Affiliated Program in Developmental Disabilities provides leadership training, community services and supports to individuals of all ages with developmental disabilities.

Our organization works at the national level.

Our organization is to some degree run, controlled and represented by disabled people.

We have expertise, or are interested in cooperating with other organizations, in the areas of:

Assisting persons with intellectual disabilities.
Assistive devices.
Children with disabilities.
Coalition building and networking.
Computers and disability.
International development and disability.
Positive Behavior Supports, Self-Determination
Positive Behavior Supports, Self-Determination
We have cooperated with organizations in other countries before:
Netherlands - training in neuropsychology and services for dual diagnosis of intellectual disability and mental health needs.
Romania - development of multidisciplinary services

Contact us:

Contact person:Greg Olley
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Address:CB 7255 Univ of North Carolina
Chapel Hill
North Carolina
United States

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