Freidis Rehabilitation and Disable Centre

Misson and activities:

Our Mission is: "To ensure that all children with disabilities and other vulnerable children in Northern Uganda are fully integrated and reintegrated in communities through rehabilitation, education and physical support".

Our activities are:
1. Medical rehabilitation. Under this there are; physiotherapy, corrective surgery and general basic medical care for the beneficiaries.

2. Psycho-social support/rehabilitation. This entails the following; counseling and guidance, life skills mentoring, tracing and reunification of children with their families, provision of catch-up classes.

3. Education. Advocate for fair treatment of pupils with disabilities at schools, look for sponsors for the extremely vulnerable children from impoverished families, build positive attitude about education among school dropouts and encourage them to go back to school with some small beginning packages. FRDC also provide catch-up classes at the centre where children are taught science, Social studies, Mathematics and English.

Our non governmental, non-profit, organization works at the national level.

We consider ourselves as part of the international Independent Living and Disability Rights Movement.

Our organization is to some degree run, controlled and represented by disabled people.

We have expertise, or are interested in cooperating with other organizations, in the areas of:

1. Fund raising.
2. Medical rehabilitation.
3. Othopedic surgions
4. Physiotheraphy

We may be able to refer disabled persons to wheelchair accessible housing or transportation or other services in our city.

We have traineeships or volunteer positions that people with disabilities are welcome to apply for.

Our traineeships or volunteer positions are open to applicants from abroad.

People planning to come to our city are welcome to contact us to find out about accessibility and services in Lira. We may be able to help with information.

Contact us:

Contact person:Jogole Christopher
Home page:
Address:Plot No. 56-60 Boroboro Rd
P. O. Box 576, Lira

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