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Global Disability: Reality, Theory, Practice

Ansorge, Josef T.  2014.  Global Disability: Reality, Theory, Practice.
What is the relationship of global health to global disability? Medicalizing the issue of disability may occlude the social and political aspects of disability. While the history of political thought and social contract theories are embarrassing in their neglect and treatment of disability, the history of the U.S. Civil Rights struggle offers some interesting parallels.
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IL 25 år dokumentation - Kalle Könkkölä

Könkkölä, Kalle.  2008.  IL 25 år dokumentation - Kalle Könkkölä.

25 år av Independent Living i Sverige

Panel: Independent Living utomlands - internationella perspektiv,
anförande av Kalle Könkkölä 08.11.28

En Tröskeln till framtiden

IL 25 years Documentation - Kalle Könkkölä

Könkkölä, Kalle.  2008.  IL 25 years Documentation - Kalle Könkkölä.

25 years of Independent Living in Sweden

Panel: Independent Living abroad - global perspectives,

Is Personal Assistance Relevant for Developing Countries?

Adolf, Dr. Ratzka.  2006.  Is Personal Assistance Relevant for Developing Countries?

s Personal Assistance Relevant for Developing Countries?

by:Adolf Ratzka, December 2006

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