Independent Living Institute

Current Openings for Volunteer Positions

The Institute is a small not-for-profit foundation with limited funding but an unlimited workload. If you like what we are doing and want to share your skills and time with us, consider these volunteer opportunities.

Link exchange manager

We need a volunteer to help us exchange links with related sites. You need to have:
- the ability to structure your work
- the desire to make a meaningful contribution
- at least 5 hours a week that you can work
- the ability to commit yourself for a period of at least 6 months

The work entails dealing with offers FROM other sites for a link exchange, that is:
- answering requests
- checking out the site that wants to be linked to ours using certain criteria
- asking the other site for a brief description that we would attach to our link
- suggesting where in our site's link collection the new link should be placed
- sending the site's URL., its description and suggested location to our webmaster

and offering a link exchange TO other sites, that is:

- identifying related sites not yet linked to our site using certain criteria
- sending them a link request with a description of our site
- thanking them after they posted the link on their site

You would communicate with us by e-mail.

Adolf Ratzka, e-mail: