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France. Information for international students

General Information About Living and Studying in France

France at Wikipedia.

The French government agency Edufrance provides general information about living and studying in France, in about 14 languages.

Costs and Funding of Study in France

The French government agency Edufrance Website states the following about the costs of stuying in France: "Studying in France is relatively inexpensive because the government funds a significant share of the cost. Annual tuition in a public university is between 126 and 692 Euros, depending on the program. A meal in a university restaurant costs less than 3 Euros. Costs in private institutions are higher. Remember, international students are treated just like French students."

Visas and Permits for France

The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs notes that, "According to your citizenship, the duration and purpose of your stay in France, a visa may be required before departure." They provide visa information.

Disability Related Legislation in France

Euroline, The European Industrial Relations Observatory On-line, provides information on disability legislation in France.

European Commission

Erasmus programme for university and college students

Information for students with severe disabilities in SOCRATES/Erasmus

Student Organisation

The Confédération des Jeunes Chercheurs (CJC, Young Researchers Confederation) "is a French not-for-profit organisation, born on March 2nd 1996 in order to improve the situation of young researchers in France" (for PhD students).

Accommodation and Travel in France

France in the Lonely Planet World Guide

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