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1. Helsinki University of Technology, Teknillinen korkeakoulu
Koulun esittely sekä tietoja ja uutisia sen tarjoamista koulutusohjelmista.

2. University of Helsinki
The University of Helsinki has the widest range of disciplines in Finland. The number of faculties is eleven. There are 38,000 degree students and 7,400 staff. The number of degrees taken each year is 4,200, of which 350 are doctorates. The University concentrates on high-level scientific research and researcher education.
University located in Helsinki, Finland. www.helsinki.fi

Page(s) of particular interest to students with disabilities at the University of Helsinki:

Statement for students with disabilities
Policy aganist discrimination

3. University of Jyväskylä, Jyväskylän yliopisto
Yliopiston esittely ja tietoja sen tarjoamista palveluista, koulutusohjelmista ja tutkimuksista.
University. www.jyu.fi

4. University of Oulu, Oulun yliopisto
Yliopiston esittely sekä tietoja ja uutisia sen tarjoamista koulutusohjelmista.
University. www.oulu.fi

5. University of Tampere
In addition to the traditional departments located in five faculties, there are the Centres of Competence engaging in interdisciplinary research and education, as exemplified in Information Technology and Medical Technology.
University. www.uta.fi

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