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Denmark. Information for international students

General Information About Living and Studying in Denmark

The official Danish government Website, www.denmark.dk, has a section called "Study in Denmark" and includes lists of Danish educational institutions.

Denmark at Wikipedia (a free, on-line, collaborative encyclopedia).

Costs and Funding of Study in Denmark

Cirius (The Danish Centre for International Cooperation and Mobility in Education and Training) lists some grant and scholarship programmes.

 ERASMUS, European Union Initiative

ERASMUS, an "EU funded programme which contains a wide range of measures designed to support the European activities of higher education institutions, including mobility and exchange of their students and teaching staff."

Disability Related Legislation in Denmark

In April 2002, The Danish Disability Council published a document titled, "Danish disability policy - Equal opportunities through dialogue" that discusses"the fundamental principles of Danish disability policy, and how are they reflected in law and in practice."

Student Organisation

The National Union of Danish Students (Danske Studerendes Faellesrad: DSF) includes the student councils of all Danish universities. Their Website, www.dsfnet.dk, is in Danish only.

Resources for Students in Denmark

Cirius (The Danish Centre for International Cooperation and Mobility in Education and Training): "Cirius is an independent, governmental institution connected to the Danish Ministry of Education. It was established in July 2000 as a merger of activities previously carried out by several centres."

The Danish Disability Sport / Information Centre (Handicapidraettens Videnscenter).

Accommodation and Travel in Denmark

The Danish government Website for visitors is www.visitdenmark.com.

Denmark in the Lonely Planet World Guide

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