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General Information About Living and Studying in the Belgium

Belgium is divided into three communities based on the language spoken in the region. This regionalisation has given the communities a large measure of self-government: they are now responsible for most services for individuals, i.e. for education, the environment, cultural matters, etc.The Flemish Community is thus responsible for education in the Dutch-speaking part of the country and the French Community is responsible for the French-speaking part of Belgium.

Education in the French Community

At the site you can find an overview of opportunities for studying in French-speaking Belgium. (in French)

This service deals with the equivalence of foreign primary and secondary education certificates.

To find out if your university degree receives the same recognition in the French Community as in the country where you received it check it out here .

Belgium at Wikipedia.

Costs and Funding of Study in Belgium

The Belgian Development Cooperation website lists all official bodies which offer grants in Belgium

Useful information on how to submit an application for a student grant or student loan..

European Commission

Erasmus programme for university and college students

Information for students with severe disabilities in SOCRATES/Erasmus

This is the website of the Comenius programme, which supports partnerships between educational establishments, training projects for teaching staff and education networks. The aim of Comenius is to improve the quality of education, strengthen the European dimension, encourage language learning and promote mobility of students and lecturers.

Visas and Permits for Belgium

To enter the Belgium for study purposes, people from most countries outside the European Union need a visa. Information about visa procedures is available here .

Disability Related Legislation in Belgium

In Belgium, The rights of persons with disabilities are protected by special legislation, exclusively dealing with disability matters. According to the Government the rights of persons with disabilities are protected by a combination of special and general legislation. The judicial mechanism adopted to protect the rights of persons with disabilities is due process (legal remedy through the courts). Non-judicial mechanisms include an Ombudsman, a governmental body (administrative) and independent expert bodies. The Government does not refer to any non-judicial mechanisms. Read more about disability legislation in Belgium here.

Access to buildings (in french)


Disability Organisations in Belgium


Katholieke Vereniging Gehandicapten

Handiplus (in French)

Personal Experiences, Interviews, Forums, Mailing Lists, etc., in Belgium

Erasmus Student Network (ESN) is a European wide student organization. Its goal is to help exchange students find their way in their new homes. The network contact with more than 60 000 students.

Accommodation and Travel in Belgium

Belgium in the Lonely Planet World Guide

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