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Australia. Information for international students

General Information About Living and Studying in Australia

General information about studying in Australia is at Study in Australia.

For general health information visit www.health.gov.au

Read about Australia at Wikipedia

Disability Related Legislation in Australia

International students:

It is discriminatory under the DDA (Disability Discrimination Act 1992) to refuse services or accommodations for an international student with a disability or charge an additional fee for those accommodations but the operation of the Migration Act (1958) is exempt from the provisions of most of the DDA and thus discrimination can occur legally with regard to the granting of visas.

Students with Disabilities:

The Code of Practice for Australian Tertiary Institutions is online here.

The Disability Discrimination Act applies to students and access to education. Read more at the Australian Human Rights Commission

Resources for Students in Australia

The Australian Disability Clearing House on Education and Training (ADCET) provides up to date and comprehensive information about inclusive teaching, learning and assessment strategies, accommodations and support services for people with disabilities in post secondary education and training. ADCET services primarily target teachers, disability practitioners, learning support staff, researchers and policy makers. It also holds information and resources that may be useful for students.

Accommodation and Travel in Australia

Australia in the Lonely Planet World Guide

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