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Volunteer Society Nepal is an organization, which has the sole purpose of providing the best service to the people who want to enjoy a great experience by working as a volunteer in Nepal.
Voluntary work in Nepal can be a very rewarding activity. You will receive a warm welcome from the Nepalease people who are famous for their honesty and hospitality. You will also be an amazing diverse country from the peak of the Himalaya to the tropical heat of the flat Tarai, from the chaos of Kathmandu to the tranquility of rural areas.

VSN arranges all the necessary training to make the volunteer confident and comfortable before going to work in the field.

A Nepali family will be arranged for volunteers to stay with. Volunteers will be escorted by VSN staff and settled at the family and work place. Each volunteer will live with a local family as a family member of the household. The family will be given orientation on how to deal with and accommodate the guest, provide food, tea and boiled water. The meal consists of local traditional food such as dal-bhat (lentil and rice), noodles, omelet and various combinations. You will be eating what the family eats. The host family will live quite near to your work place.

Our traineeships or volunteer positions are open to applicants from abroad.

We have traineeships or volunteer positions that people with disabilities are welcome to apply for.


VSN Nepal will create the environment for volunteers to get the maximum benefit from:
* Developing work experience in a marginal society and third world country
* Developing their personal and life skills
* Developing a deep understanding of the Nepali people, their language and their life culture
* Making a contribution to the development process of Nepal
* Enjoying by taking part in local festivals, weddings, farming and visiting different areas in local villagers

Our non governmental, non-profit, organization works at the local level.

Our organization is not run, controlled and represented by disabled people.

We have expertise, or are interested in cooperating with other organizations, in the areas of:

VSN offers to volunteers to involve in its following programmes:

1. Teaching English, sports, music, Mathematics,Social science, Geography etc.
2. Environment
3. Health and Sanitation
4. Income generating program
5. Awareness raising program
6. Developing IT human resources
7. Women Empowerment

Contact us:

Contact person:Ms Rupa Shrestha
Phone:9771 2040353
Home page:http://www.vsnnepal.org/
Address:GPO Box:8974 CPC478

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