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Minutes of the


Assembly General Meeting


June 11, 1996

Stockholm City Hall


The following persons attended:

Manfred Srb, Austria; Jos Huys, Belgium; Regina Reichert, Germany; Horst Frehe, Germany; Arthur O´Daly, Ireland; Patrizia Moradei, Italy; Bente Skansgård, Norway; Knud Flaaum, Norway; Vibeke Melstrom, Norway; Kurt Ahlström, Sweden; Rolf Bergfors, Sweden; Anki Celander, Sweden; Adolf Ratzka, Sweden; Lena Stenström, Sweden; John Evans, UK; Phil Mason, UK.

1. Election of officers
The following officers for the meeting were elected by the Assembly
John Evans, chair; Adolf Ratzka, minute taker; Phil Mason and Horst Frehe, electoral supervisors.

2. Quorum
The present members fulfilled the conditions of the quorum according to the new Statutes. There were 16 members from 8 countries.

3. Adoption of the ENIL Statute
The meting discussed, amended and unanimously adopted the draft of the Statutes that had been circulated.

4. "Procedures"
The meeting decided to use the present text of the "Procedures" as an interim solution and to charge the new Board with the task of presenting the text to the next ENIL Assembly for revision and adoption.

5. Election of new Board
The meeting decided to elect six (6) Board members at the present meeting and another three (3) at the next ENIL Assembly. Seven (7) candidates were identified. The following six (6) were elected by simple majority:
Manfred Srb, Austria;
Regina Reichert, Germany;
Bente Skansgärd, Norway;
Adolf Ratzka, Sweden;
John Evans, UK;
Gordana Rajkov, Yugoslavia.
All votes were valid.

6. Membership of ENIL in the Independent European Disability Forum
The Assembly decided unanimously to have ENIL apply for membership as an NGO in the newly formed Independent European Disability Forum under the provision that the Forum´s statutes do not violate the purpose of ENIL as stated in ENIL´s Statutes.

7. Registration as an international NGO in Sweden
The Assembly decided unanimously to have ENIL registered as an international NGO with seat in Sweden.

8. Right to sign application for registration of ENIL
The meeting delegated the right to sign the application for the registration of ENIL as an NGO in Sweden to John Evans and Adolf Ratzka.

9. Membership fees
The meeting decided to charge the Board with the task of preparing a membership fee policy and to present it to the next ENIL Assembly.

10. Electoral Committee
The Assembly elected Phil Mason, Rolf Bergfors and Dinah Radtke to form the Electoral Committee.

11. Immediate adoption of the minutes
The Assembly decided unanimously to immediately adopt the minutes of the present Assembly meeting.



Stockholm June 11, 1996




John Evans chair of the meeting


Adolf Ratzka minute taker

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