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ENIL meeting in Stockholm, June 9-11, 1996

Venue: Servicehus Mälteriet on Island Reimersholmen, Stockholm

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Sunday, June 9

10:15spaceEvaluation of ENIL´s first 6 years
13:30spaceLobbying and actions for direct payment schemes of personal assistance

Monday, June 10

10:00spaceEU programs with relevance to persons with disabilities
13:30spaceImplications of EU:s disability work for ENIL
15:30spaceSuggestions for ENIL Action Plan

Tuesday, June 11

10:00spaceENIL:s new structure and bylaws
13:30spaceStructure and bylaws cont´d
15:30spaceElection of new Boardspace&spaceother General Assembly business
17:00spaceFirst Board meeting

Language:spaceEnglish (sorry, no interpretation provided)
Format:spaceStructured discussions, each session with different chairpersons

Version May 29

Agenda for the ENIL General Assembly meeting
June 11, 1996

election of meeting´s officers
adopting agenda for the General Assembly meeting
adopting number of persons with voting rights
adopting bylaws
adopting structure
adopting fee schedule
election of board
election of electoral committee
items necessary for registration of ENIL as a NGO with seat in Stockholm

Agenda for the first meeting of the new ENIL board
June 11, 1996

delegation of right to open account for ENIL
delegation of right to sign on behalf of ENIL
drafting action plan for 96/97

Version May 29


The following items supplement ENIL´s Statute.

ENIL consists of three levels: members, Board and Assembly General.


Persons with disabilities, Centers for Independent Living and other local organizations as well as the national associations of local organizations can apply for membership in ENIL. Each member whether individual, CIL or national association of local organizations has one vote.

Membership criteria

Individuals in order to be eligible for membership must have a disability and must support the principles of Independent Living.

Organizations in order to qualify for membership in ENIL must be run, controlled and represented by persons with disabilities. Specifically, membership and Board must be 100% persons with disabilities. Regarding office staff, the majority of salaried positions including the director must be persons with disabilities .

In the case of membership of individuals with intellectual disabilities their legal representative may perform the functions that the member cannot carry out on account of his or her intellectual disability. Under all circumstances, however, the person with the intellectual disability is the member and not his or her legal representative. As a consequence, at ENIL functions the member must be physically present. Another condition is that legal representatives must accept the philosophy of Independent Living and self-determination of the individual and must act as true advocates of the long-term interests of persons with intellectual disabilities.

The same conditions apply to organizations representing persons with intellectual disabilities. Such organizations´ membership must consist of persons with disabilities only who are assisted in their role by their legal representatives.

Probationary membership

Organizations which do not comply with these conditions may have membership status under the condition that they make the necessary changes within two years. The ENIL Board is to monitor such changes. Also, the ENIL Board is to recommend action to the General Assembly on such membership matters.


ENIL´s activities are open to both members and observers. Observers have no voting rights and can be heard at the discretion of the meeting. Observers can be excluded from activities at the discretion of the meeting.



Individual members have the right to nominate themselves or other members. Likewise, CIL´s and other local organizations and national associations can nominate candidates.

Electoral Committee

Nominations are sent to the Electoral Committee 3 months before the General Assembly meeting. Nominations can also be made at the General Assembly itself.

The Electoral Committee checks whether the nominees are willing to be candidates and circulates the list of candidates together with their CV´s before the General Assembly is convened.

The Electoral Committee consists of three members to be elected by the General Assembly. They serve the same term as board members.

Version May 29

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