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A statement from the European Network on Independent Living on the Dublin Symposium

Symposium: "Disability Investment not Burden".
Dublin 28-30 March 1995.

The European Network on Independent Living (ENIL) congratulates the Ireland CIL and its organisers of the Symposium entitled "Disability Investment not Burden" for staging such a stimulating and successful international conference. It was an admirable achievement bringing together many Independent Living experts and designing a significant and varied programme.

As well as being an event rich in presentations, contributions and workshops, it brought together Independent Living activists from many European countries making it a valuable exchange forum on ideas and direct experiences around the Independent Living movement and other disability issues. It was an ideal opportunity to further views on these important subjects in what was a dynamic inter-active occasion.

This conference relit the fire and spirit of Strasbourg, which is where ENIL was formed in 1989. The Independent Living Movement has again been fired with enthusiasm to proceed collectively in the pursuit of our goals of developing Independent Living initiatives throughout Europe and particularly in Central, Eastern and Southern Europe. The movement has reaffirmed its commitment to these tasks and our common objectives of supporting our own grass-roots developments in our own countries.

We also fully support the proposed CIL Ireland project of establishing a European Centre of Excellence and Disability Studies for the research and development of Independent Living initiatives, and disability projects in Europe in close co-operation with ENIL and its activities. We look forward to working together with you in this exciting endeavour and challenge, by sharing our expertise in the positive development of IL resources and the overall progress of the project by ultimately empowering disabled people to take control of their own lives.

20th April 1995. From the Board of ENIL.

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