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In all it does ENIL will be providing a uniquely European and European disability movement interpretation of our circumstances, experiences, proposals and practices.

ENIL will establish European definitions of our circumstances, experiences, proposals and practices and European wide disability standards.

ENIL's areas of priority lie within the promotion of Independent Living. This of course means a strong commitment to anti-discrimination legislation.

Within the context of support for anti-discrimination legislation we specialise (without excluding other areas of importance) in the following:


ENIL in its programming shall

The ENIL board will interpret and fulfil the above programme as it judges best.

European Independent Disability Forum

We agreed that if and when ENIL joins the European Disability Forum, the purpose would be to comment on all European Union proposals which concern us - not just those with a 'disability' heading.


The ENIL General Assembly meeting in Stockholm re-affirms the ENIL decision in Dublin to support the Dublin CIL proposal for a European Centre of Excellence on Independent Living.

Stockholm 10 June, 1996

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