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How to Join

The consortium for the project Training as Vehicle to Employment consists of the Independent Living Institute, Sweden (lead partner); the Centres for Independent Living in Bad Kreuznach (Germany), Dublin, Helsinki, and Thessaloniki; Iniciativas y Estudios Sociales, Spain; Integracja, Poland; and Apeirons, Latvia.

This work, however, is too important to be limited to our partnership. We invite concerned organizations everywhere to join the project as Associated Partners. While our EU funding is limited to the present eight partner organizations, we can assist organizations in applying for funding of their own by offering our successful project proposal, its arguments, methodology, timetable, budget, etc. We are sure that funding agencies will look favorably at the synergistic effects of this proposed scheme. There are currently five Associate Partners from five countries: Bosnia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Croatia and Serbia.

In terms of resources, each associate partner needs to cover office costs and hire a national coordinator to work at least half-time. Associate Partners share the same written resources, information and back-up as the partners with EU funding.

We cordially invite organizations to join us. The more we are, the greater our impact.