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By the time this kit is ready for distribution, the BBC Education Service will have produced a series of 5 one-hour television programs on disability under the catchy title "Labelled Disabled". One of these programs will be on Independent Living featuring many of the persons, projects and locations that you find here. The BBC will also produce a publication accompanying the television programs. For details write to BBC Education Service, Villiers House The Broadway, Ealing W5 2PA, United Kingdom.

Berrol S, "Independent Living Programs: The Role of the Able-Bodied Professional", Arch Phys Med Rehabil, 60:456-457, 1979.

The Independent Living Program movement was created by the disabled community. It has established a broad coalition of diverse disabilities functioning to provide services on a broader scale than has been traditionally offered by the rehabilitation community. The effectiveness and the strength of the movement lies in consumer control. The non-disabled professional can provide expertise, balance and a vital link with established rehabilitation programs. The integrity of the Independent Living program movement can only be maintained and developed if these basic concepts are respected.

Nosek, Peg, Yayoi Narita, Yoshiko Dart. A Philosophical Foundation for the Independent Living & Disability Rights Movement. Occasional Paper No. 1. Houston: ILRU Program, 1982.

This monograph presents a personal reflection on the nature of Independent Living. It includes a blend of philosophical concepts form many cultures and critical lessons from personal experiences. The views are also shaped by discussions the authors held with leaders of the Independent Living Movement.

Address: ILRU at Texas Institute for Rehabilitation, 2323 S. Shepherd, Suite 1000, Houston, TX 77019, United States.

DeJong, Gerben, "Defining and Implementing the Independent Living Concept", in Crewe, Nancy M. & Zola, Irving Kenneth, Independent Living for Physically Disabled People, Jossey-Bass Publishers, San Francisco, 1983.
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