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United Nations Standard Rules
on the Equalization of Opportunities
for Persons with Disabilities

Introduction to the Standard Rules, by Mr. Bengt Lindqvist, Former M.P. and Cabinet Minister, Sweden
Anförande av Bengt Lindqvist

Read the full text of the Standard Rules
Läs hela texten av Standardreglerna

Download the Standard Rules as a PDF file (120 KB)

Implementation of the Standard Rules
Reports about compliance with the UN Standard Rules by country and by (Tip: With the use of two windows, one with the response of your country's government and the other one opened with a NGO's report about the same item in the questionnaire, you can study the differences between the Government's and the NGO's perception.

This will give you an insight not only in what your government knows and claims to care about disability issues. It can also tell you how much the NGO in question knows about the issues of its constituency and how independent from the government it really is.)

A regular update on the implementation of the Standard Rules, by Disability Awareness in Action

Statement by Mr. Bengt Lindqvist, Special Rapporteur of the UN Commission for Social Development at the UN Commission on Human Rights, 54th session (March /April 1998)