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Government Action on Disability Policy
A Global Survey
Part II - Government Replies as Country Profiles


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© Dimitris Michailakis 1997

Transmitted by Permanent Mission to the United Nations, New York (15 March 1996)
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General policy

The officially recognized disability policy in Ukraine is expressed in law, in orders of the President, in statements of the Parliament and in state programmes.

Since the adoption of the Standard Rules the Government has supported information campaigns conveying the message of full participation.


The rights of persons with disabilities are protected by special legislation. Many new laws have been enacted since the adoption of the Rules, laws as "On the status of veterans of wars and guarantees of their social protection", "On the basic principles of the social protection of labour veterans and other aged people in Ukraine".


The Scientific Research Institute of the National Academy of Sciences and other specialized institutions develop different facilities, systems and equipment to ensure access of persons with disabilities to information and communication.

Organizations of persons with disabilities

The "Council on Disabilities" is the national co-ordinating committee.

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