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Government Action on Disability Policy
A Global Survey
Part II - Government Replies as Country Profiles

Holy See

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Permanent Observer Mission of the Holy See (8 May 1996)
General policy

The officially recognized disability policy in Holy See is expressed in law and in guidelines adopted by the Government. The emphasis - in descending scale - is on: individual support, accessibility measures and anti-discrimination law.

The Government has not done anything to initiate or support information campaigns conveying the message of full participation.


The rights of persons with disabilities are protected by general legislation. The institutional mechanism adopted to protect the rights of persons with disabilities is due process (legal remedy through courts), while non-judicial mechanisms include a Governmental body (administrative).

Medical and other health care is guaranteed by law to persons with disabilities.


There are rules to ensure accessibility of the build environment requiring that public places and housing are made accessible. Accessibility in the build environment is observed by a national authority. Access to public places has been promoted by the Government in order to facilitate accessibility in the build environment. Technical factors is the most difficult obstacle when planning to build accessible environments.

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