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a Global Community dedicated to individuals seeking or offering products, services, information, and participation in ensuring that the Web is accessible to people with disabilities, including people who are vision impaired or have hearing disabilities, physical disabilities, cognitive, and neurological disabilities.
Axis Disability Rights Website
Norman Kunc and Emma Van der Klift have work to ensure that people with disabilities are able to take their rightful place in schools, workplaces, and communities.
Canada Revenu Agency - People with disabilities
Information for people with disabilities on such topics as medical expenses, tax credits, deductions, benefits, services, forms, publications, etc.
Canadian Association of Independent Living Centres (CAILC)
A national umbrella organization which consists of local autonomous Independent Living Resource Centres (ILRCs). Each ILRC is community-based and controlled by and for persons with disabilities.
Canadian Council of the Blind - A Lack of Sight is not a lack of vision
The CCB is an organization not FOR the blind but OF the blind. A board of directors who are blind and visually impaired governs the CCB, and as a result, there is a special sensitivity to the needs of the blind community.
Centre for Independent Living in Toronto
CILT operates on the philosophy of the Independent Living movement which was developed in response to traditional rehabilitation services models. CILT's aim is to develop and implement dignified social services that empower individuals rather than create dependencies. We encourage people with disabilities to take control of their own lives by exercising their right to examine options, make choices, take risks and even make mistakes.
Community Living North Halton
The mission of Community Living North Halton is to provide supports and services to individuals with developmental disabilities and to enhance their personal growth and inclusion in the community of North Halton (Milton, Georgetown and Acton). Programs include Supported Independent Living, Supported Employment, Respite Services, Residential Services, Lifeskills and more.
Council of Canadians with Disabilities
The Council of Canadians with Disabilities advocates at the federal level to improve the lives of men and women with disabilities in Canada, by eliminating inequality and discrimination. Our members include national, regional and local advocacy organizations that are controlled by persons with disabilities. CCD is a team of people with disabilities, deeply committed to the principles of self-help and consumer advocacy.
Disability Information for Students and Professionals
A website for students that are studying in the field of disability, as well as professionals working within it.
Disability WebLinks - Réseau handicap
Disability WebLinks is "a collaborative Federal/Provincial/Territorial project undertaken by Ministers responsible for Social Services and developed in consultation with representatives from the disability community. Human Resources Development Canada manages Disability WebLinks under the direction of the Federal/Provincial/Territorial Working Group for Benefits and Services for Persons with Disabilities."
Disabled Peoples' International
Disabled Peoples' International(DPI) is a network of national organizations or assemblies of disabled people, established to promote the human rights of disabled people through full participation, equalization of opportunity and development
Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Network

Family Support Institute
The Family Support Institute is a province-wide organization whose purpose is to support and strengthen families faced with the extraordinary circumstances that come with having a family member who has a disability. When your son or daughter has a disability, life often becomes different from anything you could ever have imagined. You may find yourself in a world you never knew existed, one you may be reluctant to embrace, where there are more questions than answers. The Family Support Institute is unique in Canada. It began with the help of the B.C. Association for Community Living in 1986 in response to the needs and requests of families of people with disabilities.
ILRC - the Independent Living Resource Centre
The ILRC is a consumer controlled organization that promotes and enables citizens with disabilities to make choices and take responsibility for the development and management of personal and community resources.
Inclusion Press International
Inclusion Press creates books, videos and CD's to teach people tools for change - that lead to full inclusion - full participation - full citizenship - for all.
International Journal of Special Education
As of the year 2002 the International Journal of Special Education is published on this Website. Libraries and individuals are permitted to print out entire issues for educational purposes. The intent is to make the journal available internationally and free of charge to everyone who is interested in special education or is a student of special education.
Llowyn's Legacy Foundation
Providing support, referrals and resources to enhance the dignity and quality of life for individuals in their later years and individuals who have a disability.
National Institute of Disability Management and Research (Canada)
NIDMAR is committed to reducing the human, social and economic cost of disability to workers, employers and society through education, training and research.
Picture this... a film festival that celebrates disability culture
As a project of Calgary Scope Society (a registerd non-profit society in Canada that works with persons with disabilities), our mission is to hold a film and video festival that focuses on disability topics and issues. Our first festival takes place October 19 - 21, 2001. Our dream is to become an annual event, and to become a valued reource on films, videos and multimedia works.
Rick Hansen Institute
RHI provides leadership to the field of disability, with a special emphasis on spinal cord injury. "Our mission is to find a cure for paralysis."
ScootAround Inc.
ScootAround Inc. arranges worry-free scooter rentals for the business or vacation traveler with restricted mobility.
SPH Planning & Consulting Ltd.

Thalidomide Victims Association
An organization of approximately 125 Canadian victims of the drug thalidomide. It provides non-monetary programs, services, and advocacy for its members as well as the history and current issues concerning the drug.
The Wheelchair Site - A Guide to Wheelchairs, Scooters & Accessories
The Wheelchair Site contains info on wheelchairs, wheel chair shopping, manual whellchair, electric wheelchare. It has information on scooters, children wheelchair, sports wheel chairs, all-terrain chairs, manufacturers and accessories.
World on Wheelz
Dedicated to wheelchair accessible travel, World on Wheelz provides travel reviews, pictures, tips, and resources for travelers who require a higher standard of "accessibility."
Gladnet - Global Applied Disability Research and Information Network on Employment and Training
TThe GLADNET Association was established in 1997. It is affiliated with the ILO Disability and Work Programme. The objective of the Association is to promote disability policy and programme reform with emphasis on integrated training and employment options for working age disabled persons.
The disAbility Resource Centre

DAWN Canada
DAWN Canada is a national organization controlled by and comprised of women who self identify as women with disabilities. We are from all backgrounds and all disabilities. We are a feminist organization working to achieve control over our lives and end the stereotype that labels us dependent burdens on society. Our Network began in 1985. Our Society Status was received in 1992.
Canadian Council on Rehabilitation
Through partnerships, innovation, advocacy and education, CCRW strives to open up the workforce and to promote and support meaningful and equitable employment of people with disabilities.
Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB)
A voluntary, not-for-profit rehabilitation agency that provides services for people who are blind, visually impaired and deafblind. The CNIB’s primary goal is to empower its clients to participate fully in a sighted world.
Citizens for Accessible Neighbourhoods - Lower Mainland, Metro Vancouver, BC, Canada
C.A.N is a non-profit society promoting universal access to infomation, buildings, public spaces and adapted sports. Accessibility issues, spotlights, info on local events and contact details.
NEADS - The National Educational Association of Disabled Students
The National Educational Association of Disabled Students (NEADS)is a Canada-wide, consumer-based, cross-disability organization that advocates for full access by college and university students with disabilities to postsecondary education and employment opportunities.
Manitoba Supported Employment Network (MSEN)
A non-profit organization committed to promoting and strengthening supported employment activities in the province of Manitoba, Canada.
Victoria Disability Resource Centre
Victoria Disability Resource Centre. We are a non profit organization that helps people with all types of disabilities lead independent lives - under their control and by their choice. Our organization is fully cross disability, that is to say that anyone in the community with a disability, regardless of type is potentially able to draw on our services.
Abilities Magazine and the Canadian Abilities Foundation (CAF)
To provide information, inspiration and opportunity to people with disabilities, their friends, family and professionals working in their service while promoting their full integration into all aspects of community life.

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