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Disability Advocacy NSW
DA believes that people with a disability have the same rights (and responsibilities) as people who do not have a disability. DA’s core purpose is to ensure that people with a disability realise these rights in practice by advocating with and for them.
Achievable Concepts (AU)
An Australian business which supplies Adapted Recreation and Sporting Equipment for People with Disabilities and The Aged.
Byron Bay Rainforest Resort the Wheel Resort P/L
to provide excellent accommodation in a natural enviroment welcoming everyone
Can-Do Musos
Can Do Musos want to provide guidance and hope to all musicians with challenges. Music is empowering and has no limitations and everyone should have a chance at their dreams. Having a "Can Do attitude" is the first step toward success!
Disability Information & Resource Centre in South Australia
Resources available to all people with disabilities, and to organisations and persons involved in providing services to people with disabilities.
Disability rights (AU)
The home page of Disability Rights policy and projects within the Australian Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission. Here you can find a range of resources and links on disability rights and discrimination issues.
ILC - Independent Living Centre of WA
The Independent Living Centre of Western Australia (Inc.) is a non-profit community service organisation which provides impartial, expert advice on equipment, building and design, access and resources for people with disabilities, their advocates, carers and service providers.
Independent Living Centre Australia Inc
Independent Living Centres are information resource centres which are located in every state and in ACT. Each centre displays a comprehensive range of products and equipment to assist with daily living activities. Everybody is welcome to use the ILC services, including people with disabilities, older people, their carers, parents, advocates and other service providers, health professionals, architects, builders, suppliers, manufacturers and students. You can try out products and equipment and select those most suitable prior to purchase. Please note that we do not sell items, we only display them. Each centre has a localised products and equipment database to complement the display. The occupational therapists on our info-lines use this database to provide information that are relevant to the individual caller’s needs. Most of ILC services are free to public. Each ILC are funded differently, some are funded directly by the state government, others apply for funding from public as well as private purse.
Independent Living Centre Tasmania, Inc.
The Independent Living Centre (ILC) Tasmania is a non-profit community service organisation: The Independent Living Centre provides a professional information, education, advisory and consultancy service on: daily living equipment, building access and design, assistive technology and resources for people with disabilities, the aged, their carers and service providers.
Information on Disability-Equipment Access Services (IDEAS INC)
IDEAS INC provides information on disability - services, accessible accommodation, equipment available in NSW and Australia. Our focus is on rural services.
Jason Liverton's Leisure And Disability Consultancy Service
Read papers on disability and leisure by this PhD. student.
Ozmates Travel Pty Ltd
Ozmates is a licenced travel agent and Goverment Bus & Coach Accredited Operator that specialize in holiday tours throughout Australia for adults with a mild to moderate intellectual disability. We have qualified support staff that travel on our holiday tours. Ozmates staff can meet overseas passengers and arrange accommodation night before and after tours, this does cost extra. Please refer to our home page for tour details.www.ozmates.com.au All travel is in luxury 5 star coaches, (our coaches are not wheel chair accessible.All tours start from Melbourne in Victoria Australia. Our luxury coaches are also available for charter. All holiday tours are based on 1 staff to 5 or 6 passengers to a maximum of 36 passengers. Staff wishing to bring groups to Australia will travel free with every 5 passenges. For more information please contact us: phone, fax or email.
People With Disabilities (WA) Inc
PWD(WA) represents and advocates for the rights and equity of all Western Australians with a disability - physical, intellectual, psychiatric and sensory.
People with Disability Australia Incorporated

Physical Disability Council of Australia
We are a National Peak Disability Organisation, representing the interests and views of people with physical disability across Australia.
Wheel Chair Tours Australia
Wheel Chair Tours Australia has operated as the Premier Tour Company for tourists with disabilities to Perth, Australia, since 1995.
Women With Disabilities Australia (WWDA)
A federating body of individuals and networks in each State and Territory of Australia made up of women with disabilities and associated organisations.
Self Advocacy (Sydney) Inc
Self Advocacy Sydney is an organisation run by and for people with Intellectual Disability.

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