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Patient Managed Home Care Programs
Serving Self-Directing Disabled People

A non-profit corporation
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We, at Concepts of Independence, Inc. endorse the following definition of a self-directing person

What is Concepts?

Concepts of Independence, Inc. offers the only alternative to conventional home care, Patient Managed Home Care Programs.

Concepts enables recipients of home attendant services to recruit, interview hire, and supervise their home attendant(s). Independence is both a right and a responsibility.

Concepts role is that of a fiscal intermediary and home attendant(s) benefit package administrator.

Concepts is the only alternative to traditional home care.

Who Can Become a Member of Concepts?

Anyone who is eligible for Medicaid is determined to be self-directed by local D.S.S., and is authorized to receive home attendant services.

How Does a Person Become a Member of the Concepts Program?

To become a member of the Concepts Program call Concepts and we will direct you to the appropriate Human Resources Administration (HRA) office from which you can obtain a 'Client Maintained Plan' application.

Complete the application and return it to the appropriate HRA office. The HRA professional staff will review the application and notify you of their determination

Note: An applicant who is deemed ineligible may request a New York State Fair Hearing.

What are the Advantages of Being a Concepts Member?

You will independently recruit, interview, hire, train, supervise and dismiss your home attendant.

You may hire as many home attendants to accommodate your life style within the amount of coverage hours authorized by the Human Resources Administration.

You will develop a working relationship with your home attendant without intrusion.

You can receive home health aid equivalent services from your home attendant.

You will have access to an array of recruitment assistance services to assist you in recruiting home attendants.

You will receive the Concepts Voice, our newsletter which will give you useful, current updates about the Concepts Program.

What are my Responsibilities as a Concepts Member?

Signing a member agreement.

Informing the Concepts staff of changes in your, or your home attendant(s) status: i.e., hospitalization, address, number of exemptions, etc.

Enrolling home attendants.

Insuring the completion of your time sheets and nursing assessments, as well as your home attendants, medicals, and employment documents.

Coordinating vacation and holiday schedules.

Distributing paychecks.

Managing the supervision and services of your home attendant(s).

Insuring that your home attendant(s) work(s) the hours indicated on your time sheets.

What are Concepts' Responsibilities?

Processing the home attendant payroll.

Monitoring the annual leave and sick leave balances.

Monitoring nursing assessments, medicals, and employment documents.

Administer your home attendant's employment benefits.

Providing equal employment opportunities to all prospective employees, regardless of their race, creed, color, national origin, sex, handicap, marital status, orientation or affectional preference.

How can I get further information:

Call Concepts, Monday through Friday, 9:00 pm.-5:OO p.m. (excluding holidays)... Our staff is ready to assist you.

Concepts History

Concepts was formed in 1977, by a group of consumers of home attendant services, out of a desire to maintain their personal integrity and independence.

This desire and the need for a service plan that would permit self-directing disabled people to function independently, led to a long period of negotiations with New York City and State officials, which ultimately resulted in the Concept's Consumer Directed Home Care Program.

Concepts Today

Concepts provides the only home care alternative, Patient Managed Home Care Programs. This program secures for it's participants, the highest level of independence by virtue of these individuals assuming all of the essential responsibilities that are integral to their lives. The Board of Directors of Concepts is comprised of consumers of home attendant services and is directly responsible for the selection of staff and the formulation of administrative policies.

We, the Board of Directors of Concepts of Independence, Inc., are pleased to be able to offer you membership in what we feel is the most unique and beneficial program of its kind.

Concepts Of Independence, Inc.
A Non-Profit Corporation That Enables Severely Disabled People To Live Independently

The Patient Managed Home Care Program

Funded under an agreement with the Department of Social Services of the city of New York

Ira E. Holland

Vice President
Muriel Zgardowski

Cynthia Bell

Vincent Zgardowski

Board of Directors:
Cynthia Bell
Thomas V Brown
Daniel Ginsburg
Ira E. Holland
Sandra Olitsky
Eleanor SoelIner
Patricia Walls
Muriel Zgardowski
Vincent Zgardowski

Program Staff

Edward Litcher

Assistant Director
Jacob Mathieu

Client Coordinator
Rocio Carrasco

Concepts of Independence, Inc.
Patient Managed Home Care Programs
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