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Resolution from the Stockholm Meeting of the
European Network on Independent Living
10 June 1996

We, the participants at the Conference of the European Network on Independent Living on Direct Payments for Personal Assistants in Stockholm from 9 - 11 June, 1996, as representatives of the Independent Living Movement in twelve European Union countries and five other European countries, adopted the following


Considering space the statement of EU Commissioner Padraig Flynn that 40 million EU citizens with a disability were systematically discriminated against in the activities of daily living;

Noting space the report of the Reflection Group of the EU, demanding the inclusion of a general Anti-discriminatory Clause for persons with disabilities in the Maastricht Treaty;8

Re-emphasising spacethat the President of the EU Parliament Klaus Haensch and other EU Commissioners supported the inclusion of an anti-discrimination Clause for disabled persons;

Recalling spacethe Resolution of the EU Parliament on the 14 December 1995 requesting the European Commission and the Member States of the EU to include an anti-discrimination Clause for disabled persons in the revision of the EU Treaties at the Intergovernmental Conference;

We, as disabled persons demand the support of all national governments and their representatives at the Intergovernmental Conference for the inclusion of a revised Anti-discrimination Clause in Article 6 of the Maastricht Treaty.

The proposed revised wording of the Anti-discrimination Clause is:

"Within the competence of the Treaty and notwithstanding the requirements of the other Clauses in the Treaties, each decision under the Treaties shall not discriminate on the grounds of Nationality, Race, Gender, Sexual Orientation, Age, Disability, Religion or Social Status.

For the purpose of this Treaty, discrimination is defined as violation or disadvantage in the development of persons in equal opportunities in life, society and self-determined lifestyle. Every plan and action must be governed by the principle of equal rights.


The EU must take into consideration in all activities governed by the Treaty, the rights and needs of disabled persons."

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