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Resource Kit No. 4


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Development Action Plan

Stage One: Define Development Needs

Look at the Present Situation: "It is like this"

Define the Ideal Situation: "It should be like this"

Comparison: "What are the big differences between the two?"


Stage Two: Set Goals

Ambition: "This is what we want to change"


Stage Three: Look at Resources

Possibilities: "This is what we can change"


Stage Four: Decide Strategies

Action Plan: "This is how we can do it"


Stage Five: Review Achievements

Evaluation: "This is how it went and what has changed"


About This Kit

"As disabled persons have equal rights, they also have equal obligations. It is their duty to take part in the building of society. Societies must raise the level of expectation as far as disabled persons are concerned, and in so doing mobilise their full resources for social change...

The role of [organisations of disabled persons] includes providing a voice of their own, identifying needs, expressing views on priorities, evaluating services and advocating change and public awareness. As a vehicle for self-development, these organisations provide the opportunity to develop skills in the negotiation process, organisational abilities, mutual support, information sharing and often vocational skills and opportunities. In view of their vital importance in the process of participation, it is imperative that their development be encouraged."

United Nations World Programme of Action concerning Disabled Persons, Paragraphs 26 and 28

This kit looks at how organisations of disabled people can improve their structures and the way they work; how they can train and develop individuals to benefit the whole group; how the organisation itself can then become a better tool for changing the community and the lives of disabled people.

The kit is designed for members of big and small organisations run by and for disabled people.


Making Progress

Change happens every day. From small beginnings, any organisation can grow, learning from the experience of its members, listening to everyone’s ideas and views, profiting from the energy and commitment of new members.

As the world around us changes, some problems are solved and new ones develop. We will need to find new approaches to new problems and new challenges.

Change is not always for the better but it is always stimulating. It keeps us alert and active.


Author’s Note

This resource kit has been written and produced by Disability Awareness in Action, a United-Kingdom-based world wide awareness initiative. We have tried to make this material useful to everyone and to use a language that is accessible to all. We would welcome information on how to do this better and any suggestions about translation. The last chapter provides explanations of some of the words used.

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