Independent Living Institute

Seminar on Human Rights for Persons with Disabilities from a North and South Perspective

Arranged by The Independent Living Institute,
in co-operation with SHIA, Forum Syd
and the periodical, Socialpolitiken

Stockholm, Sweden 23 August, 1998

Social status and standard of living for different groups in society such as women, immigrants and persons with disabilities is dependent on economic and social factors. In order to improve a group's situation in society the society's resources and limitations must be taken into consideration.

We, persons with disabilities, in both the North and the South are fighting for equal rights, full participation and human rights. Our starting points are different.

As a common base and structure for the seminar's discussions the following model of the determinants of disabled peoples situation is suggested:

For all countries, the well-being of disabled people as measured by their standard of living and their opportunities for participation in all aspects of society, is seen as a function of the respective country:

If we can agree on this or a similar model, we can discuss such issues as:

The following addresses given by the international guests are presented on the web site:

Kalle Könkkölä, chairperson for Disabled Persons International

Judy Heumann, State Secretary, Department of Education, USA

Shanaaz Majiet, Lawyer, South Africa

Dr. Federico Montero, Chairman for the Costa Rican Disability Organisation, Costa Rica

Jerry Nkeli, Human Rights Commissioner, South Africa

Prof. Colin Barnes, Disability Research Unit, Leeds, UK