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Council of Europe.  1996.  Integration of People with Disabilities: Employment of persons with disabilities.
The Council of Europe recommends disability policy guidelines for Member States and this report outlines past and current work and relevant publications in the area of employment of persons with disabilities. Their activities in the field of employment aim at completing or enlarging the provisions of Recommendation No. R (92) 6 on a coherent policy for people with disabilities. Internet publication URL:
Dr. Adolf Ratzka.  1996.  Introduction to direct payments for personal assistance.
For persons with extensive disabilities there are two key requirements: personal assistance and accessibility in the built environment including accessible housing. Internet publication URL:
Dr. Adolf Ratzka.  1996.  Introduction to direct payments for personal assistance.
Dr. Adolf Ratzka.  1996.  Introduktion till direktutbetalningar för personlig assistans.
För personer med omfattande funktionshinder finns två principiella förutsättningar: personlig assistans och tillgänglighet i den omgivande bebyggelsen, i vilket ingår tillgänglighet i bostaden. Internet publication URL: (In Swedish.)
Brown, Steven E.  1995.  I Was Born (in a Hospital Bed) -- When I Was Thirty-One Years Old.
Dr. Steven E. Brown, Co-Founder of the Institute on Disability Culture, in the United States, gave a speech, later reworked into an article, in which he describes how he came to accept and even take pride in his status as a person with a disability and a disability activist, as well as other life activities, such as being a parent. First published in "Disability & Society," 1995. Internet publication URL:
Dr. Adolf Ratzka.  1995.  Institutioner eller Personlig Assistans: Ett exempel från Costa Rica.
Är institutioner verkligen bästa platsen för äldre att tillbringa sina sista år? Är det verkligen den bästa uppväxten för barn? Internet publication URL: (In Swedish.)
Dr. Adolf Ratzka.  1994.  Independent Living and the family: The context of Costa Rica and Sweden.".
In the context of the family, Independent Living implies participation in all areas of human life, especially loving relationships, sexuality and parenthood. Internet publication URL:
Dr. Adolf Ratzka.  1994.  Independent Living och familjen: ur Costa Ricanskt och Svenskt perspektiv." .
För begreppet familjen innebär konceptet om Independent Living deltagande i ett av de viktigaste områdena i livet; nämnligen kärleksrelationen, sexuallivet och föräldraskapet. Internet publication URL: (In Swedish.)
Dr. Adolf Ratzka.  1993.  Independent Living och dagens socialpolitik.
I: Institutet för Independent Living. 1993. "Hemtjänst i omdaning - möjligheter och decentraliseringens och privatiseringens tid, Dokumentation av STIL-hearing Stockholm 1993." Internet publication URL: (In Swedish.)
Council of Europe.  1993.  Integration of People with Disabilities: Accessibility - Universal Design.
The Council of Europe recommends disability policy guidelines for Member States and is currently preparing revolutionary accessibility guidelines: a specific recommendation to incorporate the principles of Universal Design (design that responds equally to the needs of everyone), including accessibility, into the curricula of all vocations that work on the built environment. Internet publication URL:
Bhandari, Avinash.  1992.  Introducing access legislation for architects and planners in Mauritius.
Avinash Bhandari, of the Ministry of Works in Mauritius, describes features to be included in the construction of buildings in order to ensure accessibility and safety for as broad a segment of the population as possible. He outlines the current state of accessibility in Mauritius and how it could be improved. Internet publication URL:
Heumann, Judith E.  1984.  Independent Living Movement: organizing for an active, disabled old age.
Judith E. Heumann explains what the Independent Living Movement is and what Independent Living Centres and how large numbers of other elderly disabled people could benefit greatly from services delivered by Independent Living centers. The World Institute on Disability's objectives in this regard are to work with appropriate organizations to raise awareness about aging and disability and to recommend policies which support elderly persons with disabilities. Internet publication URL:
Frieden, Lex.  1980.  Independent Living Models.
In: Rehabilitation Literature, Special Article, July-August, 1980, Vol 41, No. 7-8, pp. 169-173. A-289. Internet publication URL: