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Our traineeships or volunteer positions are open to applicants from abroad.

We have traineeships or volunteer positions that people with disabilities are welcome to apply for.


It was established in 2004 and we have made it our primary objective to contribute to the lives of our citizens by creating new projects and to achieve better living standards. Even though we are a new foundation, inspired by “public welfare is possible with social and economic contribution of every individual” has led us to create a project in order to take good application for rehabilitation and care systems for the disabled people so that they would be adapted and integrated to the world of “normal” people with similar occupational, social and cultural standards.

We are conducting a Leonardo da Vinci placement project called “Disabled Life Village”. This project is split in to two groups. The first one is, placing 10 graduated young professionals into rehabilitation institutions for disabled people at all ages with a time period of 52 weeks training/internship. The second one is, placing 14 new graduates or senior university degree students in to rehabilitation centers for disabled with a duration of 39 weeks training/internship. The fields include psychology, physical therapy, religious studies, arts, musical education and agriculture.

The project of Disabled Life Village will be constructed in Ankara, within the scope of Leonardo da Vinci project approved by the European Union. And also the European Union has provided a vocational fund for this project. The selected project for funding will create community based protection and support services for people with disabilities, assisting disabled people to be independent and active participants in their communities. Our main aim is to use this fund to send these 24 young Turkish professionals and students to several institutions in European countries and allow them to learn modern and social rehabilitation techniques that can be applied for disabled people. The reason for this attempt is to build a bridge in between Turkey and European countries. This will help in the sense that, the disabled people will be looked after by their own people but in a European manner. So both economically and culturally, this project will succeed in creating special care and rehabilitation centers. This project is also supported by the Prime Ministry Administration for Disabled People by providing a public campaign for fund raising. Therefore our partner in Turkey is the Prime Ministry.

For this purpose the mentioned 24 people who have participated received language courses, ready to go for this training. Our role in this project is to coordinate and get in contact with institutions in European countries and help us support this project.

Under these circumstances, we would appreciate it if you can help us by joining as a partner in this project whether accepting or hosting our participants in your organization. If not, we would like you to help us lead in finding institutions in European countries, supporting the development of disabled people.

Ours is a non governmental, non-profit, organization.

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Phone:+90312 440 4827
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